I'm just chuckling to myself here....if any of you are checking in about 2:41 you may well be laughing at or with me, preferably.... I was so excited that just the title of this post posted. All by itself. Did I say that correctly?

The reason for the big Whoo-Hoo shout and holler in the true Oklahoma manner, is that JJ is almost home. I don't exactly know what the prodigal son's father felt way back when, but this has to be fairly close. JJ is in no way a 'prodigal' but we sure can't wait to see him about dinnertime tonight! Max knows something's up - he can always tell. DJ has called me frequently today (just to check in) and DJ rarely phones home unless he needs directions somewhere or will be an hour late or he's been given tickets to a baseball or football game, you know, important stuff...

On days like today, when the excitement seems to drip off the walls, I always find myself wondering something else. It always happens. I wonder if our "Cloud of Witnesses" knows when someone from here is on their way about to arrive there. Don't you wonder that once in a while? I think they do know. And I think my excitement here today is absolutely nothing compared to what that will be. They probably have the best balloons ever in colors we haven't even ever seen yet. And the ice cream for the cake is unimaginably wonderful!

But for now, for today, I'm going to go make a red velvet cake and get the grill ready for our Cinco de Mayo fiesta with our very special home-for-the-summer son. Whoo-Hoo!


Jana said...

Cinco De Mayo...what a great holiday. Welcome home JJ. Enjoy the summer!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Mine arrived home last Wednesday. God has brought me so far from last year at this time...I was grieving the thought of his departure with high school graduation on the horizon.

Now...he's back, and I am grateful for his return (so are his 3 siblings...except for the brother who is now "giving back" half of the room to him).

Enjoy these days.


Faith Hope Love Mama said...

I am sure I feel the same as you when my kids are away from me. Heck, they go to the neighbors to play and I am wondering when they will be home. Hope you had a fabulous dinner and time with your prodigal son. :)

Amy said...

That's so sweet. Makes me think & anticipate (kinda sadly) how it will be in 15 years when I will be in your shoes.
Of course, just thinking about the teen years makes me some,
"Lord Jesus, COME QUICKLY!!"