Music, Music, Music

Last night, after a few hours of round-a-bouts with the two somewhat jealous puppy cousins, we all settled down to watch American Idol. Each doggy was struggling to get as close as possible to big DJ (as they know he is the man in charge and the key to their status....) and we had a lovely evening.

Wasn't Fantasia something? Truly something.

As her song progressed, JJ quietly asked, "Wonder if that's her real hair color?"

During the amazing refrain, JJ again commented, "Mom, the background vocalists remind me of Veggie Tales --- 'The Bunny Song.'" Absolutely precisely accurate. I loved the shot of Simon watching the song - Simon watching the dance - well, Simon watching it...

I'm going to pull out that video (Rack, Shack & Benny, isn't it?) and watch it with the two puppies this afternoon. But no chocolate bunnies for them.

I know I've mentioned photos of the puppy cousins, but presently they are staying as far away from each other as possible....


Mary Beth said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I thought Fantasia's hair was 'something.' It definitely stood out.

I see you are in sunny CA! I will try and not be jealous... as I am in the dreary Great Lakes Region.

Nice to meet you, Grace.

Mary Beth said...

oh yeah... did you go to Evangel? I went to CBC but my brother attended EU from 1980- 84. He played football.

Amy said...

I love the bunny song...so, sorry that I missed Fantasia's rendition. I'll try to find that on youtube (where EVERYthing can be found).

Beloved MaMa said...

You need to get a Facebook account... GW even has one!!! you will find MANY connections I promise :o)