Good Times

Today is one of those days. It's cloudy and chilly here in Sunny, a bit gloomy; but it feels good. It's a snugly day. One you'd find you're coziest in while wearing your old favorite sweat shirt, worn out jeans and slippers.

JJ and I took Master Max in to see our veterinarian. (Our good doctor is married to a long-time friend, so we tend to feel we're just visiting... Well, all of us except for Max feel that way. He's petrified.) He says Max is doing great. He's the perfect weight, has good teeth and seems fine. All the while, Max was desperately clinging to JJ hoping this tall man would just walk out the door and stop pestering him.

We're doing all of JJ's laundry since Easter. He saved it -- must have been too busy studying.... and listening to the sound of the dryer with the smell of fabric softener - knowing it's JJ's stuff and he really is home for three months just makes me warm and fuzzy also. I know, way too sentimental, but that's what happens right before Mother's Day.

My best friend sent me a lovely bouquet. Online. No, she didn't order it online...she sent it to me online. So now it's my wallpaper. That will make me smile for weeks. Then I'll replace it with a photo of a trip to Disneyland, the beach or SeaWorld. But not right now. I'm going to enjoy knowing my friend was thinking of me. You see I'd shared with her that in our recent tree-trimming adventure, we lost our most sentimental Giant Bird of Paradise plant that had just blossomed for the first time in twelve years.

Thanks CC. (Her entire initials are CCR, but that just makes me laugh.)


Amy said...

Funny that we'd have the same weather, across the country.

I'm hoping the gloom & rain make for a good naptime for my little crumb-crunchers!

Have fun basking in the glee of having your boy home.
I can only imagine how happy it must make you.

Happy Wed.!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

With you on the laundry! Where did it all come from? (With 4 kids, I spend my life in my laundry room...when I'm not typing and driving somebody somewhere.)

Happy Mothering~elaine

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

I love me a little Credence Clearwater Revival! I was really born in the wrong generation as all my favorites were rocking out when I was a toddler. Would have loved to gone to an outdoor concert of Lynard Skynard or Zepellin. Anyhoo-I am getting off course. Had to chuckle with you on the CCR. :)