Always On the Job

I've been off to the frequently referred-to big box store again today. Thankfully, I do not have another absurdity of shopping at the big box store story for you. All the chicken packages were priced correctly and I suppose it is time for Christmas items to be on the shelves....

Here's today's news update:
We have a family in the church just over the road who own an amazing pizza place. DJ and I go there frequently and I absolutely love the aroma that hits you in the face and takes your breath away. Oh, I've digressed ~ sorry... Back to the tale --- I was coming around the corner in the big box store and bumped into the Grandma of this Italian family. She had one item in her cart and it was sitting on top of one of their LARGE pizza boxes. Does this make you smile? Does this cause you to wonder if she brought it along just in case someone got hungry or asked for a sample?

Ah...the things to ponder...

Enjoy your weekend. Find some good aroma and breathe deeply. It does wonders for our souls.


Thanks So Much!

Oh what a treat! I've been blessed with this kind award by Cindy at Consider It All Joy. What a delight. I think the rules are to list ten things that make me happy ~ unless I'm mixing this up with another award and if that's the case, please forgive me. I am becoming more blond each month....

Here we go with my list of happy things:

  • Picking up the phone to hear JJ or Honey say, "Hi"
  • Seeing Max run into our arms, or climb on our heads or attack our bouncy limbs under the cozy blanket just to play
  • Hearing the organ lift the hymn with a key change and realizing all the stops are open on Sunday morning
  • Receiving e-mail or a note on facebook from a dear friend or a brand new friend
  • Really, really crisp onion rings that make your mouth water
  • Barbecue aromas
  • Seeing DJ walk in the door with his fabulous smile every single time
  • Every phone call with my laughter-support group (you know who you are)
  • Sunshine
  • Knowing, absolutely, completely ~ that I am forgiven and going to Heaven

So there it is! I'd like to pass this on to:

Amy at Life and Times

Christelle at Beloved Mama

and you. If you're a faithful reader of Grace Today...Please join the fun. Happy things bless each one of us. And it is time to say "Thanks."

Lots of love ~



Our Amazing God

Once again, I've heard from a dear friend. I felt that small tug to keep them close to my heart and whisper prayers for them yesterday. And hearing from them today ~ without knowing any of their appointments yesterday ~ they went through a minor surgical procedure. Coincidence? Hardly. Rather a confirmation from a very big God that He is aware of each and every small detail of our lives. At least that's the way I see it here in this little office at home.

These things happen far more often than any of us remember to write down in our Daytimers. I think I'll start doing that. Purposefully noting the acts of care I become aware of in which I see God assuring me of his amazing love. That may be my theme for 2009. "Yes, Jesus loves me." He really, really does.

I can't think of a better way to start this weekend, or make it through the rest of November or all of the busy Christmas season or.....

Go on ~ give yourself a little hug from Grace in Sunny ~ just because.


How Was Your Day Off?

Tuesday was quite a delightful day ~ We had a group of about 19 children and six or so adults visiting the local animal park. I say "about" and "or so" because I believe my day was spent counting heads. Depending on who was too tired for this thing or that thing, this ride or that ride, wanted ice cream or dippin' dots, frozen lemonade or a meatball sandwich...the count was always just a little different.

We had an amazing day and the most frequent sound was laughter. We saw ring-tailed lemur, okapi, spider's webs and lots of ducks. One girl lost her backpack and we found it ~ an hour later. No one dropped their ice cream all day. We discovered who is afraid of honeybees and who isn't. And I found out that for several of our kids, the ride in the van was the very best part of the day.

My "Day Off" was one of the best so far in Sunny.


What Fun!

Just when you might be tempted to think the world is becoming a horrible place and Thursdays are not much better than Wednesdays, even though you're closer to Fridays... Just at that moment ~ you may come across the most wonderful thing you could imagine...

It's a cupcake lounge. Right near downtown Sunny. You can go there, order your favorite tasty treat and it comes in the perfect two-and-a-half bite size. Ordering a second selection will then be the next best thing you could imagine...


Oh My! II

Really, I agree with Jon over at SCL, Christians will be blogging in abundance over the election ~ but about all I can muster tonight is:

Oh My!

And I seem to be missing a few of the gadget buttons for composing posts. Is anyone else dealing with this?? I can't link or center or left or right things or change the color... Perhaps I'm choosing to focus on the trivial at this moment, because I can't quite process what's just happened...


"Cover the Earth"

We have some dear friends who've made several trips to Thailand over the past few years. JJ was asked to join them twice and I thought you might enjoy seeing a bit of their adventures. Many of you also contributed to his account and we so appreciated your help with their taking the Good News to this country. If you look closely, you'll see JJ on drums once or twice. The sights shown range from the local churches to a terminal cancer ward to a few of the local schools and orphanages.

If you're interested in knowing more about this ministry, please leave a "thoughtful remark" or contact me by e-mail. I hope you enjoy this National Geographic moment...