"Cover the Earth"


We have some dear friends who've made several trips to Thailand over the past few years. JJ was asked to join them twice and I thought you might enjoy seeing a bit of their adventures. Many of you also contributed to his account and we so appreciated your help with their taking the Good News to this country. If you look closely, you'll see JJ on drums once or twice. The sights shown range from the local churches to a terminal cancer ward to a few of the local schools and orphanages.

If you're interested in knowing more about this ministry, please leave a "thoughtful remark" or contact me by e-mail. I hope you enjoy this National Geographic moment...


Beth E. said...

Awesome! What an amazing opportunity! Thanks for sharing the video. Oh, and I caught a glimpse of your son on those drums! :o)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

As you know, Nick and Billy went on a missions trip to Bolivia this summer. It's a wonderful witness to see God's people throughout the world and through the eyes of others.

Thanks for sharing your video.


Anonymous said...