What is it about the average Wednesday? There's a tendency to get lots of laundry done hoping you won't need to do any more until the next Monday, but that rarely works out. If you shampoo your hair, you might not need to do it again until Saturday, but who can seriously wait that long. If you had Taco Tuesdays, well, what will it be for dinner. How can you possibly top Taco Tuesday?

And for those of us who put in a 40 hour work week, well Wednesdays are full of glimmers of hope that the weekend is just aroung the corner. You've made it through Monday, Tuesday was a breeze and now it's time to watch the clock each afternoon dreaming of the family fun ahead.

Growing up there was Youth Group on Wednesday night. That was awesome. You got to see all your friends who attended other schools. You didn't have to hang with the weird friends you saw every day. (I say that because all my friends were weird. But very, very awesome!) And if we were lucky, Youth Group was over early enough to go for a burger afterwards even on a school night.

But now, Wednesdays are just Wednesdays.

I can't wait for heaven. None of this will matter. We can hang with all of our favorite people; keep meeting new friends forever, and work on whatever projects are the absolute best ones around. But seriously. I do hope we still get the occasional Taco Tuesday now and again...


A Wreath of Snow

A Christmas Novella, this book was a delightful treat, even though I began reading it on a dark January day. Set in Victorian Scotland, it's a beautiful trip across time and the pond to immerse the reader in another era.

This is an easy read compared to the average work by Liz Curtis Higgs. Not to imply that any of her work is average, by any measure. She has a way of captivating an audience quite quickly and keeping them spellbound until the final page is closed.

With a beautiful setting, this book raises a question. When we have hurt someone, either intentionally or not, what is our moral obligation to make amends and ask for forgiveness? If "making it right" will cause more pain for those involved, how do we go about the process of doing this?

This book would be a great gift for friends and family who may not be Christ-followers but are interested in knowing more about the love, grace and mercy of Christ. At just about 200 pages, it is an easy read, but each page is packed with beauty.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.


The Girl in the Glass

A delightful read over the holidays ~ I thoroughly enjoyed this book by Susan Meissner. Set in San Diego and Florence with a storyline that combines the two locations beautifully, I highly recommend this work to you. It's a love story with many branches. Fully expecting a surprise ending, I was taken by an entirely different sort of closure than I imagined.

If you've ever felt like you simply didn't fit in to your place, time or world, you will completely relate to the heroine and perhaps a few other of the characters. Mrs. Meissner has woven a beautiful tale of love together for the pages of this novel. It is a refreshingly honest look at relationships in our modern day, as well as contemplating some issues that have been faced for many centuries, and will be faced for many years to come.