I Feel Like Travelin' On

I've been humming that tune this morning for awhile. If you grew up listening to Hillsong, Mark Schultz or even Evie, you might not recognize it. But in my childhood, there was nothing quite like a good Southern Gospel quartet singing "I Feel Like Traveling On." I can almost smell the fried chicken, too.

It's been a month of highs, a few lows here and there and bunnies scampering about in-between. Max is pouting due to a new sack of food, which he seems to be less-than-thrilled with. Hopefully, he'll try it soon. We bought it at the Big Box Store, so we've got a few days worth of bowls to fill.

JJ & Honey are doing well. Marriage seems to be bringing out the best in them. Honey is making a lot of Sweet Tea.

I knew I liked her.


What Energy!

Look at these champions! JJ & Honey are settling into life here in Sunny and offered to help out with a bit of our yard work yesterday. This bottle-brush tree was well past its prime and needed to be removed.
The French doors there are on our bedroom, if you're curious. I know you are ~ otherwise you'd be checking out some serious Web site, eh. ;)
We're enjoying a beautiful summer and are seeking God for direction for our paths. Taking time to enjoy some nature with a bit of hard work tossed in is right up there with the best of days!


So Sad, Little Birdy

It's happened again. I found a little feathered friend resting on our patio. I suppose he blinked a time or two and then was amazed to see the Pearly Gates. At least I hope so. Thankfully, he was altogether and not in pieces.

DJ found a little critter in our storage shed last week. He was not altogether. Certainly not altogether lovely... I think DJ still gets a teeny bit sick to his stomach thinking about that sight.

Other than those two encounters with the circle-of-life, things are beautiful here in Sunny. Max is king of the castle and amazingly, we've not had much sight of coyotes this year. We heard some a time or two late at night in the spring, but so far... our bunnies are free to roam about.

JJ, Honey and I are getting things fixed up around here and are enjoying the sunshine as much as possible. Laptops are worth every dime, eh.


All Settled

JJ and Honey are settled into their new couple-in-love quarters on the other side of our ranch here. It's a little tight for them, but should be fine for the next short season in their lives. They're right behind DJ's workout room and who wouldn't want to be right next to a workout room?

We found a nice portable closet-in-a-box for Honey and have it set up in one corner of the workout room. It makes me smile ~ it was in my mother's things and had never been used. So I'm sure she is smiling every time she sees Honey place a jacket on a hanger in there.

Max is becoming accustomed to the changes. He likes Honey very much, although he is not sure yet about letting her pet him. A few more treats, and he'll be good for life.

We had a busy Father's Day yesterday. Our niece and her family of four-under-seven were leaving right after lunch (yes, the SUV was filled to overflowing) for a six-week tour of the United States of America. The boys had even packed their bicycles. I think they should have added a web-cam to the dashboard. That could be a smash of a reality show, eh!

Thankfully, most thankfully, they left their two snakes and five lizards at home. At least we think they did...


The Cake

The couple was beautiful, as you can see.
The cake was amazing.

But doesn't the barrel just make the whole picture pop? Honestly! And if only you could hear the frog chorus that began singing right as the sun set.

I think they were singing the frog version of "I Love You Truly." I think they knew this was the most special wedding that ever has been, or ever will be, at their vineyard.



Mmmm....yes it was yummy! Here's a look at the dessert we had last Friday night at the rehearsal dinner. We were at a cute little Italian place a few hours north of Sunny. The menu was delightful with assorted Mediterranean items; just a bit different than the normal pizza fare. So Tiramasu all around seemed the best way to conclude our event.

We expect JJ & Honey to arrive sometime this weekend to open their wedding gifts. I decided to make our dining room table festive and we have all the gifts piled on it for fun. I promise to share a photo or two of the celebration.

Your congratulations have been so sweet, bloggy buddies. We feel the love regardless of your distance. It's almost like you were with us ~ dancing at the reception.

No. I don't dance. There was no dancing, but if I did dance, I would have. It was all just that happy. :)


She Was a Princess ~ He Was Prince Charming

What an amazing wedding! The vineyard was incredible, the bride and groom were gorgeous, joy was dripping from the trees! It was wonderful to have family, friends, laughter and joy everywhere we looked this past weekend.

Honey seemed to be floating down the aisle and JJ was standing a few inches taller while she made her entrance. The music was glorious ~ provided by my dear friend Ruby Dee and a violinist from Honey's world. Ruby Dee's husband was the musical assistant and kept the music from blowing away...that's always a good thing.

The two little flower girls (both aged three) were adorable. They kept the flowers in their baskets until after the ceremony. I think the photographer got a nice shot of them flowering the hillside with no one else around ~ too sweet!

Now as to the "cake" (please imagine Father-of-the-Bride) it was definitely the most scrumptious wedding cake ever. Wish I could send you a piece...

I'll share more details tomorrow ~ Mama Grace is just a bit exhausted! But it's the best exhausted you can imagine!


Her Favorite

Honey really likes this photo. We all had an incredible day when we visited this theme park. It was in August of 2007.
I think I already knew Honey would be part of our family one day.
I hope life will bring JJ and Honey way too much fun, lots of laughter and joy. Being a grown-up can bring a fair amount of pain to one's life and I pray they will always know laughter helps. It doesn't take away the gloomy stuff, but it helps.
Seems like I've read that in a famous Book somewhere...