Mmmm....yes it was yummy! Here's a look at the dessert we had last Friday night at the rehearsal dinner. We were at a cute little Italian place a few hours north of Sunny. The menu was delightful with assorted Mediterranean items; just a bit different than the normal pizza fare. So Tiramasu all around seemed the best way to conclude our event.

We expect JJ & Honey to arrive sometime this weekend to open their wedding gifts. I decided to make our dining room table festive and we have all the gifts piled on it for fun. I promise to share a photo or two of the celebration.

Your congratulations have been so sweet, bloggy buddies. We feel the love regardless of your distance. It's almost like you were with us ~ dancing at the reception.

No. I don't dance. There was no dancing, but if I did dance, I would have. It was all just that happy. :)

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Beth E. said...

I don't dance, either! I have two left feet. But I did a little "happy dance" for your son...I just made sure that no one was watching! LOL

The dessert looks delicious. I think I gained a pound just by looking at it. ;-)