She Was a Princess ~ He Was Prince Charming

What an amazing wedding! The vineyard was incredible, the bride and groom were gorgeous, joy was dripping from the trees! It was wonderful to have family, friends, laughter and joy everywhere we looked this past weekend.

Honey seemed to be floating down the aisle and JJ was standing a few inches taller while she made her entrance. The music was glorious ~ provided by my dear friend Ruby Dee and a violinist from Honey's world. Ruby Dee's husband was the musical assistant and kept the music from blowing away...that's always a good thing.

The two little flower girls (both aged three) were adorable. They kept the flowers in their baskets until after the ceremony. I think the photographer got a nice shot of them flowering the hillside with no one else around ~ too sweet!

Now as to the "cake" (please imagine Father-of-the-Bride) it was definitely the most scrumptious wedding cake ever. Wish I could send you a piece...

I'll share more details tomorrow ~ Mama Grace is just a bit exhausted! But it's the best exhausted you can imagine!


Beth E. said...

God's richest blessings to JJ and Honey! Can't wait to hear all the details. :-)

sister sheri said...

Joy joy joy!

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

I've wondered what it will be like when my children marry. I really hope and pray that they are like your son and his honey. :)