So Sad, Little Birdy

It's happened again. I found a little feathered friend resting on our patio. I suppose he blinked a time or two and then was amazed to see the Pearly Gates. At least I hope so. Thankfully, he was altogether and not in pieces.

DJ found a little critter in our storage shed last week. He was not altogether. Certainly not altogether lovely... I think DJ still gets a teeny bit sick to his stomach thinking about that sight.

Other than those two encounters with the circle-of-life, things are beautiful here in Sunny. Max is king of the castle and amazingly, we've not had much sight of coyotes this year. We heard some a time or two late at night in the spring, but so far... our bunnies are free to roam about.

JJ, Honey and I are getting things fixed up around here and are enjoying the sunshine as much as possible. Laptops are worth every dime, eh.

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Beth E. said...

It's been too muggy outside for us to enjoy much of the sun. Temps up near 90 the past few days. I've been running from one air conditioned building to another!

We have bunnies here, too. No coyotes, though. Well, at least not in our neighborhood!