I Feel Like Travelin' On

I've been humming that tune this morning for awhile. If you grew up listening to Hillsong, Mark Schultz or even Evie, you might not recognize it. But in my childhood, there was nothing quite like a good Southern Gospel quartet singing "I Feel Like Traveling On." I can almost smell the fried chicken, too.

It's been a month of highs, a few lows here and there and bunnies scampering about in-between. Max is pouting due to a new sack of food, which he seems to be less-than-thrilled with. Hopefully, he'll try it soon. We bought it at the Big Box Store, so we've got a few days worth of bowls to fill.

JJ & Honey are doing well. Marriage seems to be bringing out the best in them. Honey is making a lot of Sweet Tea.

I knew I liked her.


sister sheri said...

Sweet Tea... I love the south!

Beth E. said...

You mentioned bunnies, but failed to mention the puppies! How are they? Have you seen them lately? How's Lucy?

Honey's making sweet tea? Sounds like a winner to me! :-)