I'm Going to my New Home

The time has come. Most of the puppy angels are on their way to their new forever families. Little Sam here is not quite sure what that means, but he's hoping it will be wonderful. His mama, Roxy, has done an excellent job of raising him so far and he's ready to face the world.

He'll run, chase, sit, shake, roll over, stay, and most importantly of all, take very good care of his new Big People. We're sure of that!

It is puppy season now. Please, o please, if you want a new pet, find a reputable breeder or a good shelter for your selection. As much as I love puppies, the thought of supporting a puppy mill in any manner brings tears to my eyes quite quickly.

And please, keep your lil' ones inside this weekend! I'm sure Max will be hiding out under his favorite chair. He's still a bit nervous over hearing a firecracker back in May...


Beth E. said...

I thought FOR SURE you'd end up with one of those puppies! Amazing willpower, Grace! :-)

Our doggie is terrified of fireworks and thunderstorms. I believe I've already told you that...she used to have to take a sedative, but her hearing's not what it used to be. As long as we keep her indoors, she's good.

Tell Max that Blondie says hi!

Beth E. said...

P.S. If Max would like to see some pics of Blondie, he can check the last post I did on her: