The Squirrel with Electricity

I've seen some amazing things in my life, but yesterday's sight was one of the oddest. Max wanted to go to see the ducks at the lake, so we packed up all our trappings and ventured over to enjoy an hour or two. Unfortunately, I forgot Max' settle-down towel, but that's a story for another day...

We found the perfect shade tree. We were far away from all other humanity, except for the occasional jogger. It was at least 15 degrees cooler than at our house, and it appeared to be a relaxing spot.

I noticed a cute little squirrel sitting next to a concrete picnic table and he greeted us with a nod. (Not really, but it makes the story much cuter.) Max and I had our lunch and I began to read a few pages from my book. Max stood on-guard since I'd forgotten the towel and we were enjoying the sounds of nature. The wind gently blowing on the water, the trees softly whispering and the tapping of a few oars out on the lake.

And then it began...I heard an annoying 'beep' .... 'beep'.................' beep'....'beep'.... 'beep'.................. you get the picture. I started looking around and couldn't see anyone near us. Max raised his head as if helping me try to locate it, too.

Then I saw it. I could hardly believe it. The squirrel by the table was still sitting there and he had the hiccups. Yes, hiccups. With each up-of-the-hicc a most noticeable beep came out of him.

I'd left the camera at home. "Oh, no!" I thought. No one will believe me. I rapidly phoned my good friend Judy Trudy and had her listen to it. I explained the source and the distance (around 20') and she can verify it for you. The cute little squirrel was beeping.

I really hope he is all right. I hope he didn't explode. And I hope if he swallowed something odd, it comes through without causing major distress. But perhaps, he is just one very cool squirrel.

We plan on going to the same spot next week. It would be great if you could join us!

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