A Good Day

Some days are just filled with roses, sunshine and hummingbirds. Every lovely thing you can imagine. Today is one of those days.

No, I don't actually have the roses and hummingbirds, but we do have more than our fair share of sunshine. Our heavenly Father has answered a prayer request today that we have been bringing to Him for a few years. So it's time for a happy dance. Go on ~ put on your wiggly slacks and tennies and join in. The exercise will feel good and you'll breathe a bit deeper and sleep a bit sounder tonight.

When I have clearance from Intelligence Central Up North, I'll let you know the particulars. I really do hate to keep you guessing, but it's just that good. I had to let you know we are all going to finish off a large pitcher of Sweet Tea tonight! Come on ~ raise your glass too!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...

1 comment:

Beth E. said...

Wooohooo....I'm dancin' and praisin', and I don't even know what's going on! :-)