We All Screamed for Ice Cream

Saturday was far too warm here in Sunny. But thankfully, we'd been planning a neighborhood block party ~ thanks to the good people at Dreyer's. It was a great hour or two sharing laughter, smiles, and fun with the folk who live on our street.

It seems we tend to come and go through our garages these days. The air conditioners are on and the windows closed most of the time. Rarely do we have a chance to check in with our neighbors. Saturday was a great time just sharing a bit of love and joy. And the ice cream was enjoyed by all ~ especially Max!


Beth E. said...

I would be screamin', too....I loooove ice cream! Yum! :-9

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Tonight while out running, I noticed a few neighbor ladies sitting out in the driveway. When I'd finished my miles, I stopped by, took a seat and had some neighborly conversation. I didn't know either of these 2 women prior to my stopping but I imagine it won't be the end of our budding friendships. I hope not.

Wish our backyards joined up. We'd have a grand, Sunny kind of time.


beloved Mama said...

oh, how fun :o)