We had a quiet July 4th around here. JJ & Honey were away with her family celebrating her sister Lovely's birthday, as well as the birth of our nation. Lovely wants to go into government work, so a patriotic birthday is most appropriate for her.

We watched the Capitol Fourth on PBS and I must confess, televised fireworks just simply are not the same. The music was wonderful and Aretha was earth-shakingly delightful. I had hoped to see the famous hat again, but she chose a yellow ensemble instead. The gray hat would not have worked well.

We've been working on a puzzle of the American flag. We may finish it by labor day. DJ put together three sections of firework blasts last night. That is most admirable in the jigsaw puzzle hall-of-fame.

Sunday morning we were privileged to attend two patriotic services. It's always nice to see friends in the band, choir and/or orchestra at these events. There was even a horse involved with one of them. And yes, he left a special gift near the stage. It filled the auditorium with a true sense of 'being there.' Lots of kids involved in the drama, and it's great to see teenagers wanting to serve in church. Next time you see one at your church, let 'em know you love 'em. The size of that tattoo doesn't matter nearly as much as how much you love 'em. Right?!?

Seeing the bright spots in America certainly helps these days. Its about time we began focusing more on our bright spots overall, eh. (Just had to throw in a little Canadian there. Just because.)

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