Are you keeping up with the Little League World Series? If not, please tune in on Saturday at noon (Sunny time) and cheer for our state's team. We're so proud.

I've been very impressed with the skill level of the players, but more importantly the attitude of the coaches. I've only seen the games with the Chula Vista team , but all-in-all the entire league gets points in my book. Positive attitudes, great coaching support and incredible smiles. All around they're growing champions!

I hope our team wins. But I honestly think every young person there is a winner. No doubt about it. I'm secretly cheering for them all... If any of them need a team mom, I hope I'll be considered.


End of Lazy Summer Days

The time has come. Friends are taking their little ones to Kindergarten and First Grade. A few other friends are leaving their babies at universities far, far away. Some of these friends are VERY happy and some have new water spigots where tear ducts resided formerly.

If you have the opportunity to be involved with your children's school, I hope you'll be there as much as possible. Your presence means a lot to the kids and to the teacher. And you never know...you might end up helping a little boy slice apples for applesauce day and he'll grow up to play in the NFL. I did. Too bad I didn't know anything about football back then either. He was already in love with football in the third grade. I'd probably have much more to add to this story if I'd really listened to him closely!

We have no idea which little angel (or the opposite) may become a world changer. That's the thing with potential...it is usually hidden. Let's go change the world this year...how about it!


Lovely Day at the Bay

Yesterday I was privileged to spend some time with a lovely gal, her two little ones and Max at the bay on the other side of Sunny. I think we walked about three miles. No, I'm not exaggerating although I will confess that has happened on occasion here at Grace Today in the past.

I don't think dogs sweat. If you know for sure, please let me know on that. But regardless...I think it's time for Max' twice-a-year bath. Shoo-weee.... Maybe he caught something from the seagulls.

Keep smiling. It helps.


"Everyday Greatness"

With the start of school....Here's a suggestion for your family. Enjoy!

This is a beautiful collection of encouraging, challenging and inspiring content. It is a wonderful reference for parents and supervisors to use for "thoughts of the day" in raising children or uplifting employees and/or co-workers.

It's a mix of short stories and quotes covering many different subjects such as integrity, pursuing goals, character, gratitude, excellence and faith. The contributors are from all walks of life, many ethnic backgrounds and different time periods. Some are famous, some are average people who have above-average wisdom or fortitude.

I highly recommend it for your bookshelf!


A Bit Tacky

It's going to be a lovely day here. I'm planning some fun stuff. JJ & Honey have interviews and we're so thankful for this good news. Hopefully jobs will open up soon for them. We'll keep you posted.

I started the day catching up with life on facebook this morning. It always amazes me to see the status updates (if you're not on facebook, that line tells people what's going on in your life) that indicate "Going to the beach with friends" "Having great friends over for dinner" "Off to a party with good pals tonight." And I always think to myself, because Max is not necessarily interested in hearing about it, "Golly, that would be fun." And then, I must confess, a little part of my heart wonders why we weren't invited.

Ever felt that tinge of not-so-goodness?

Just musing. Hope you understand my pondering... I know, I know, you need to invite people over if you want to be asked to some one's house. And we do. But still. If I'm not going to be included in your event, please don't tell me about how awesome it is going to be or how great it was. I'll really appreciate it.


Good Friends

This is my good friend, Mr. Security and his lovely wife, Angel. Honestly, his name is not Mr. Security, but he is in charge of keeping everyone safe in his job, so that's what I'm going with here at Grace Today.

Mr. Security and I were the best of friends years ago. Long before he was married to Angel or I was married to DJ. It's really so incredible to see friends from your childhood or 'youth-group' days after you're all grown-up and doing things like paying for electricity and time-shares. When you're in youth-group, you rarely consider that you will have to pay for anything other than pizza or mascara after you're on your own.

Mr. and Mrs. Security have a fabulous life out in the Midwest. They have great kids and even little teeny grandchildren, too. We're hoping they will all come out sometime so we can visit Sleeping Beauty's castle together. That would be so much fun. DJ and Angel will just have to put up with all our silly references to things like taco salad, pizza from Domino's and old dorm jokes. They'll smile, I'm sure and probably be glad they must us after those silly days.

Hopefully, the cost of electricity, water or 401k's will not be mentioned at all during the visit to Fantasyland.


Marley & Me

You've probably all seen this movie, Marley & Me. But if for some reason you haven't, please, o please, do not watch it if you are seriously in love with your dog as we all are with our Max. We may have tears for a few days. Not the type of "Oh what a sweet movie" tears, but tears that flood your face and smoosh your nose all out of place and make your eyes look like jawbreakers because you, too, love your dog like another part of your soul.

Just know. I thought it was merely a cute dog comedy...




Our denomination is having their General Council in Orlando this week. (Many pastor's kids are enjoying the conference immensely due to the location.) If you've got a spare half hour and a fresh cup of coffee, I highly recommend the worship and the message by George Wood, the General Superintendent. It's about the legacy of Leah and quite an amazing sermon. So click on the link above ^, sit back and listen to Travis Cottrell for a while and enjoy some good church!

There is a bit of blank video at the start. Perhaps the technical crew was having a bit of coffee themselves...

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Sweet, Sweet Summertime

I can't believe it's August! We've not been over the hill to visit Shamu, trekked the wild at the Animal Park out east, or danced under a full moon yet this year! It seems life is full of have-to's and I'm ready for some let's-do's...

Wouldn't it be fun to take a day and ride a carousel with a purple hat?
Or go on the big wooden roller coaster wearing plaid?
Imagine if all your best girlfriends joined you at the Post Office and you greeted all the customers with fresh daisies!

I think we should start a club. Summertime Surprisers. What do you think? Any takers? Any suggestions? We might even make the 6:30 news some night. Hopefully, in a very good way ~ not because they think we've all lost our minds...