Marley & Me

You've probably all seen this movie, Marley & Me. But if for some reason you haven't, please, o please, do not watch it if you are seriously in love with your dog as we all are with our Max. We may have tears for a few days. Not the type of "Oh what a sweet movie" tears, but tears that flood your face and smoosh your nose all out of place and make your eyes look like jawbreakers because you, too, love your dog like another part of your soul.

Just know. I thought it was merely a cute dog comedy...


Cindy said...

Oh yes - it was a MAJOR tear movie:(

Beth E. said...

I heard about the movie ahead of time, thank goodness! That's why I haven't seen it...I'd be "ugly crying", just as you described!

I'm sure some parents took their children to this movie, thinking the same thing you did. Oh, my!