End of Lazy Summer Days

The time has come. Friends are taking their little ones to Kindergarten and First Grade. A few other friends are leaving their babies at universities far, far away. Some of these friends are VERY happy and some have new water spigots where tear ducts resided formerly.

If you have the opportunity to be involved with your children's school, I hope you'll be there as much as possible. Your presence means a lot to the kids and to the teacher. And you never know...you might end up helping a little boy slice apples for applesauce day and he'll grow up to play in the NFL. I did. Too bad I didn't know anything about football back then either. He was already in love with football in the third grade. I'd probably have much more to add to this story if I'd really listened to him closely!

We have no idea which little angel (or the opposite) may become a world changer. That's the thing with potential...it is usually hidden. Let's go change the world this year...how about it!


Beth E. said...

I've done very well so far...no water spigots! Well...maybe a drip every now and then, but that's it. ;-)

sister sheri said...

How encouraging! Let's do it!