A Bit Tacky

It's going to be a lovely day here. I'm planning some fun stuff. JJ & Honey have interviews and we're so thankful for this good news. Hopefully jobs will open up soon for them. We'll keep you posted.

I started the day catching up with life on facebook this morning. It always amazes me to see the status updates (if you're not on facebook, that line tells people what's going on in your life) that indicate "Going to the beach with friends" "Having great friends over for dinner" "Off to a party with good pals tonight." And I always think to myself, because Max is not necessarily interested in hearing about it, "Golly, that would be fun." And then, I must confess, a little part of my heart wonders why we weren't invited.

Ever felt that tinge of not-so-goodness?

Just musing. Hope you understand my pondering... I know, I know, you need to invite people over if you want to be asked to some one's house. And we do. But still. If I'm not going to be included in your event, please don't tell me about how awesome it is going to be or how great it was. I'll really appreciate it.


Beth E. said...

Awwww...Grace, you're welcome to come to my house ANYTIME! :-)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Don't worry; I have few events... most of which I'd rather not attend.


Beth E. said...

Hahaha! I like Elaine's comment...I definitely feel the same way! ;-)

sister sheri said...

Ooops! Did I forget to invite you to come to San Fran with us this weekend?

I know what cha mean! You need to have a little common courtesy on FB... sometimes... OUCH!