Good Friends

This is my good friend, Mr. Security and his lovely wife, Angel. Honestly, his name is not Mr. Security, but he is in charge of keeping everyone safe in his job, so that's what I'm going with here at Grace Today.

Mr. Security and I were the best of friends years ago. Long before he was married to Angel or I was married to DJ. It's really so incredible to see friends from your childhood or 'youth-group' days after you're all grown-up and doing things like paying for electricity and time-shares. When you're in youth-group, you rarely consider that you will have to pay for anything other than pizza or mascara after you're on your own.

Mr. and Mrs. Security have a fabulous life out in the Midwest. They have great kids and even little teeny grandchildren, too. We're hoping they will all come out sometime so we can visit Sleeping Beauty's castle together. That would be so much fun. DJ and Angel will just have to put up with all our silly references to things like taco salad, pizza from Domino's and old dorm jokes. They'll smile, I'm sure and probably be glad they must us after those silly days.

Hopefully, the cost of electricity, water or 401k's will not be mentioned at all during the visit to Fantasyland.

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Beth E. said...

Catching up with old friends is always so much fun...hope they will visit you soon!