Temecula Tour de Cure

It's going to be hot.  Somewhere between 96 and 99 degrees.  It might rain ~ that would be a welcome surprise!  We're expecting about 800 riders.  Scores of volunteers.  It's this Sunday.

What is?  What's happening?  If you're asking that, you must not follow me much on social media.  Grin.  It seems like I've been posting to kingdom come to solicit donations for this great event. It's the Tour de Cure Temecula raising awareness and support for the American Diabetes Association.

Our team of six riders are ready to take on the challenge.  Granted, they'll be riding through amazingly beautiful vineyards.  But. Still.  It will be hot.  Their muscles may cramp.  They will probably get tired before the day is over.  But they're dedicated. Dedicated to the cause to help fund research to help Stop Diabetes.

Do you know anyone with this life-changing diagnosis? I do.

This is from the ADA website:  Diabetes complications are serious.

  • Increased risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Leading cause of kidney failure
  • Nervous system disease and non-traumatic lower-limb amputations

I'll be honest here friends.  Donations are trickling in, but it is a slow trickle.  We'd love to shatter our goal.  We're almost there, but who wants to do a little.  Will you please donate to one of our dedicated riders today and help us do a lot?  All donations are tax deductible, safe & secure and credit for your family, business or organization will be listed online unless you request it to be an anonymous gift.

Here's the link: Trevo Corporate Team
Pick a rider that you'd like to help sponsor.

Make a difference today.

Thank you,
The Trevo Corporate Team


American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure

American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure

In just a few days, our Trevo Corporate team will be riding in Temecula to help stop diabetes.  Please join us by donating today with a gift of any amount to one of our brave riders. 

Every 17 seconds someone is diagnosed with diabetes.  It could be someone you know.  Or someone you love.  Or someone you don't want to lose.

Please donate today.  We'll be riding for your someone.

Thank you.


Six Months to Christmas

Can you imagine? Someone had the nerve to put this fact on Facebook today.  "Six Months to Christmas"  This is summertime here in Southern California.  Beach time.  Barbecue & Fireworks time.  But ready or not ~ we'll soon be pulling out all the boxes for trimming our tree or waxing the candles for Hanukkah.

I served as a pastor in my previous life.  No, not the ethereal Shirley MacLaine type, the life I had before finding Trevo and starting as a Life & Health Coach.  I remember the pressures of Christmas and the holidays in general.  Never enough time, money or resources to go around.  I worked in the Creative Arts field, and we always needed volunteers.  More of them.  Always. Everyone is so busy, everyone, and they don't want to spend a Saturday to come help decorate the Sanctuary, sing in the choir for Christmas Eve or run lights for the Christmas Show.  And there are others who are more than happy to help if they can bring their toddlers along.  Grin.  Of course, there are always amazingly dedicated volunteers, willing to go the extra 2nd & 3rd miles and they're the completely unsung heroes in my world. But I digress...

The thing I remember most about the Christmas season during those years was that I always got sick right after all the pressure was over.  All the Hallelujahs had been refrained, all the trees decked, all the presents wrapped and under the tree and I just wanted to find the couch, start ELF and disappear.  Ever been there?  Let's put some beans in the crock pot and call it Christmas.

But here's the good news!  I started with Trevo in early 2012.  From that day to this, I honestly cannot remember being sick.  I feel good every day.  I struggled with canker sores a lot before.  I still do get them occasionally ~ but now, instead of lasting for 12 - 14 days, they're gone in 2.  Serious.  That is huge!  I haven't had a cold, a sore throat, the flu or any major health concerns.

This all came back to me when I was chatting with a new Trevo customer this week.  She shared that although she works in a clinic and is exposed to all sorts of griminess there, she hasn't been ill for a day since starting on our great product.  What a huge blessing!

We see so many great benefits from using our Power of Wellness such as Anti-Aging, Blood Pressure support, Digestive health and much, much more, but seriously... Staying Well is HUGE.  If you find you need a cup of coffee around 2 in the afternoon, a Red Bull or maybe a Pepsi and some chips...  Well for less than the cost of either of those items, you could be giving your body the nutritional support to thrive.  One ounce a day is roughly one dollar, maybe a dollar-fifty.  Imagine.  One dollar.  You can't even get a tall coffee of the day at Starbucks for that.

Is your health worth $1 or $2 a day?  Order today and let's see how much your life has changed come Christmas.  I promise to dedicate a post to you.  You're worth it.

Order your Trevo at www.SoCal.trevobuilder.com today.  Happy Holidays!


It's Trevo Time!

We're seeing some pretty amazing growth within our company this year.  As the photo says we've just opened in the Ivory Coast.  According to our CEO Mark Stevens, we had 1700 people attend the launch events there.  In the Ivory Coast!  Do you know how many people 1700 is?  That's huge!  My graduating class in High School was around 500 ~ so three times that many attended our launch in the Ivory Coast.

Trevo has been in operation since November of 2010.  We are seeing lives changed all over the globe.  I noticed a friend's status update on Facebook today.  It read, "The doctor says I can stop one of my blood pressure medicines."  Another friend messaged me on Friday proudly sharing how much her blood pressure has dropped this month and letting me know her gums have stopped bleeding.  She sees some other improvements, but they're a little too personal for me to share here.  That's her story and her news, know what I mean?

If you would like information on our great product or company, please contact me soon.  Our compensation plan rewards you in many ways, eight to be exact.  One way is through our team volume commission.  This means that every one who joins Trevo after you ~ regardless of which team they join ~ or what country they live in ~ you stand to be rewarded according to your place in the company.

Great to be with our CEO, Mark Stevens last October in Tulsa, OK

Now another statement  Mr. Stevens made recently was that "The greatest earners in Trevo may not have joined the company yet." Our debt-free company is just now starting to roll.  We would love to have you with us on our Presidential Elite Team.  Presently we are open and operating in the US, Canada, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Panama, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Dubai and India.  More locations will be opening very soon and it's the perfect time to get your position with our team.

For product information visit www.SoCal.trevobuilder.com and for product as well as information on our company, visit www.trevocorporate.com/coach/sjahr.  We're looking for builders, people just like you that want to share good news and hope with others.  Are you looking to live an empowered life?  Contact me today.  It's time.


Happy Birthday Master Max!

Today's a special day here at our house.  We're celebrating our Max' 9th birthday.  

We weren't there when he arrived.  There weren't any breeders assisting the birth.  His file said he was found with his six siblings and one-year-old mother near Tulare, California.  They were all rescued and brought down here to San Diego when he was just a few days old.  

My son and I were looking for a new puppy and took a drive up to the Helen Woodward center when Max was about 8 weeks old.  We walked by a few very cute puppies and then we saw our Max.  He came right out to greet us to let us know we were the right family he deserved.  It didn't take us long to know he was going to be part of our family ~  The good staff at the animal center requested to meet with Max' new dad before he could leave.  It didn't take my husband long either to fall for this little guy.

He's definitely our protector, although we must accompany him outside at all times.  He's a careful guardian of our home, unless it's windy ~ then he hides in our closets.  He helps us all maintain our waistlines by sharing our snacks.  But he never shares his own with us. What's ours is his and what's his is his.

Max is definitely one of the smartest dogs I've ever seen.  And yes, I would say that even if he wasn't my Max.  He creates ways to make us laugh all on his own.  We can ask him to retrieve about a hundred items by name and he doesn't miss.  As you can see, he can be found checking out the Trevo website when left open:

Last winter we took Max up to Mammoth to see the mountains and some snow.  He loved it, and enjoyed the coat immensely.

Always a trusty assistant in the kitchen, Max is either helping at the stove or resting precisely where we need to step.  Always.  And we have learned he does not want any avocados ~ ever.    

So what is this tribute doing on the Trevo Time blog?  It's as simple as this.  Max was a shelter dog.  A mix of Corgi and German Shepherd as best we can determine.  He could easily have been left to fend for himself in the woods near Tulare never knowing love, a family or that the chicken treats from Costco are his favorite thing in the world.  

Maybe you're looking for a purpose.  A family.  A place to belong.  We have a pretty amazing group of people on our Presidential Elite Team at Trevo.  We would love to get to know you and share our life with you.  If a new opportunity sounds like something you deserve, contact me today.  

Visit www.SoCal.trevobuilder.com to see more.  You deserve a brighter life right now.


Looking to Feel Better, Look Better, Live Better?

Ha!  Yes, that's me.  A couple of years ago I took a trip out to Texas to see my favorite cousin, Bob.  Bob loves his Harleys.  So on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we took a ride out to see the sights.  Now, rest assured I was not on my own bike.  This was purely a photo shot opportunity here.  Bob drove and I enjoyed it immensely.  I'd imagined I'd be scared to death and was quite pleasantly surprised to realize it was a delightfully fun experience.  Zoom, zoom...

So what in the world does that photo and paragraph have to do with Trevo Time?  Here's the reality.  I hear from people every week who want to feel better, look better and live better.  Frankly, I imagine most people would like those three things.  And as a Life & Health Coach with Trevo, I would be so honored to help friends & family in their search for these things.

Trevo offers amazing nutritional support in an easy, good-tasting liquid.  The cost is about $1 a serving, which seems pretty reasonable to me.  Our product includes 174 nutraceuticals which is a long word for "all the good stuff your body needs."  (My paraphrase.)  It helps bring your body into balance to eliminate food cravings, support all your organs (including your brain) assists with Anti-Aging and so much more.  For a buck a serving.

But here's the kicker.  People who claim to want "New" as in New Health, New Weight, New Income, etc., often put the brakes on and simply stop.  It didn't work in a month.  Life didn't change in two months.  It's really quite sad.  Our product is a Lifestyle product.  With a wee bit of time, taking it every day and sticking with it, so many things may improve.

Our society is a microwave society now.  A minute is far too long to wait for a cup of tea.  Realizing the magnitude of impatience in our world makes me cheer all the harder for these two friends.

Do you remember reading about Danell?

Her story started in October of 2012.  She stuck with it.  Swimming, walking, eating more healthy food & taking Trevo.  Wow ~ so fabulous. Along with losing 120 lbs, she's lost many, many prescriptions. Woot!

And there's Mr. Jaye Gerding:

Jaye's down 130 or so lbs now.  But it didn't happen in one month.  It's taken time.  Jaye began eating more healthy foods, walking, working on his health and was determined to take his Trevo three times a day.  Jaye is also happy to have stopped taking many medications he needed prior to starting on Trevo.

These are just two stories.  Trevo may be the answer you are looking for.  I would love to help you start on your Trevo journey.  Visit my site today or leave a comment & I'll contact you with more information on our product or our business.  Maybe it's time to focus on doing something new.  It might surprise you just how great you'll feel ~ just like I did on that Harley a couple of years ago in Texas.  New can be awesome!

Don't forget! www.SoCal.trevobuilder.com
You're worth it!


No More Mood Swings!

A few months ago, I shared with you about my dear friend & Trevo customer here.  She was so happy to see some new hair growing and we both did a wee happy dance when I heard about it.  Last Friday we were once again able to spend some time chatting about life, fun, hope and her hair.  Women certainly do spend a lot of time talking about their hair...

And she started telling me another story ~

"After several months on Trevo, I'm so delighted to see the hair is growing in much better & each month is looks fuller. But I've recently realized that during my monthly cycle, I haven't even had so much as a mood swing!  I used to struggle horribly with extreme anger.  I thought back through the past two months and was so grateful."

We talked for a bit longer, and I reminded her that this sort of thing happens to our Trevo family.  Our product works constantly & steadily.  Whether you're looking for Anti-Aging benefits, internal cleansing, allergy relief or so much more, give Trevo some time, and you may be seeing new answers when you're least expecting them.  Trevo begins to work at a cellular level within 13 minutes, but each part of your body renews at a different pace.  Your nails, hair, skin, teeth, brain & bones may all benefit from our 174 nutraceuticals.  But each part of your body works on its own schedule.

What a wonderful report from my dear friend.  She's one more to add to the list who can say, "I feel great! Thanks Trevo!"

If you'd like to start on our product and see the benefits first hand, please visit my website here.  Or leave your name in a comment & I'll be happy to get right back to you.  The cost is what you'd spend for a Tall at Starbuck's. You really are worth trying something to make every day, every week, better ~ aren't you?  .


Trevo is my Full-Time Job.

Yes, It's true.  I have a home-based business helping people find better health & perhaps help them find a new business themselves.  This photo was taken in Houston last year at an expo where we had a booth sharing our product & business opportunity.  There was a gun show next door & I've never been so close to so many guns before.  Ever.

Both Jaye Gerding (the handsome man in the middle) and my great coach Trina Mullins (the lovely lady on the right) and I spent a few days there working pretty hard.  It was a good success.  We even shared a dessert when it was all over.

Working hard, laughing together, enjoying the good things a business can provide.  Trevo is a company that encourages fun, along with great health.  We also want to be known as a charitable company.  Giving back to the community, supporting causes we find have merit and need our help.

Sometimes we come across some interesting requests as Life & Health Coaches with our company.
Requests for free samples. Lots of them ~ to see if it works.
Requests for free bottles (a month's supply).
Requests for sponsoring people into the business.
Complaints about paying for shipping.

I wonder at times, if the people who ask for these things ever go into Target and say, "Can I take home a bag of Iams to see if my puppy likes it?"  Or do they go to Outback for dinner and let the server know they weren't sure if this meal really helped them?  Maybe so.  We all do get samples in the mail.  I know.  And giving people do like to give. But seriously.

And then there's the few people who aren't interested in having anything to do with a Direct Sales organization.  Now, once again, I wonder if anyone goes into Macy's and says, "I like that shirt, but I don't want to buy from you because you have to pay rent, advertising costs & employees' salaries. I would rather buy from someone who makes clothes in their garage and will sell them to me from their driveway."

Perhaps its all just me today.  It's been cloudy out and I don't do cloudy well.  But to my friends who sell Mary Kay, Avon, Pampered Chef, Tupperware & Zeal, "Here's to ya!  I hope we all make it to the top and I want you to know I get that it's a real job for you, too."

Trevo offers a fantastic nutritional supplement in a great-tasting liquid formula.  It could change your life with better health.  If you'd like to order, please visit www.SoCal.trevobuilder.com today.  I'll see if the USPS will ship it for free ~ but no guarantees on that.


Tour de Cure

Just when life seems pretty stable and calm; that's when it can hit.  The results are back and without much warning ~ You're living an entirely different life.  

That's what happens to people we know and love every day.  All of a sudden, their world becomes one of testing, resting and injecting.  Yes, the tests are better now and becoming less painful, but still.  Can you imagine spending a portion of each day making sure your insulin level was ok so you wouldn't have a major medical issue?  Seriously. Often this is needed several times a day.  Every day.

From the ADA website, here are some of the complications of diabetes:

Serious Increased risk of heart disease and stroke 
Leading cause of kidney failure 
Nervous system disease & non-traumatic lower-limb amputations 

So why is this possible downer of a post here on Trevo Time today?  Well, here's the good news ~ We're sponsoring a team of riders in the Tour de Cure in just a couple of weeks to help STOP Diabetes!  Yes!  

The ride is May 17th in Del Mar, CA.  If you would like to join our team as a rider, come on!  If you can pray for our team (four of them are committed to riding 100 miles) that would be fabulous!  And yes, we want some of your money!  There.  I said it.  We want whatever is in your wallet.  Right now.  Go get it.  (I'm working on being bolder.) $5, $10, $15, $26, $110, it's all good.

Here is a link to our team page:
Trevo Corporate Team

You can sign up to ride with us, donate to one of our dedicated riders or send a message to  our team.  Please join us as we support this great cause & organization.  

You never know when you'll be the one sitting in the doctor's office hearing that news.  Let's do everything we can to STOP diabetes before that can happen.

Thank you.


Our Superstar

You've probably seen her photo.  That is, if you've seen anything much at all that I've posted about Trevo in the past two years.  Please say, "Hello" to my dear best friend, Laurie. 

Ah, yes... We've been best friends since 1981.  Back in the days when no one had a cell phone. Most of our friends didn't have a car either. We were extremely concerned with looking tan, where we would sit in the cafeteria & occasionally we thought about studying.  Life was pretty great.  
Life is still pretty awesome and I love using photos of this amazing Life & Health Coach, because every picture I see of her shows how much she loves life.  Laurie is a mom of four great young adults; married to an incredible man with so many talents, it's just not possible to list them here.  And her family means everything to her.  She's mostly Greek ~ married to an Italian.  Yes.  They like garlic and pasta!  
A few years ago, Laurie completed her courses to become a certified Esthetician. I hope I spelled that correctly.  It's someone who can give facials, knows all about hair & skin care, and even aromatherapy.  And now we're so blessed to have Laurie on our team as a Trevo Life & Health Coach. Laurie loves the way Trevo helps you look your best from the inside out.  Her skin looks fantastic, her nails are strong but there are so many more ways that Laurie has been helped by Trevo.

In the past few years, she was feeling a bit poorly and started getting some specialized tests done on a regular basis.  It's been just about a year since Laurie started on Trevo, by the way.  Last month she went in for her scheduled test.  The nurse was quite interested in her results and asked her what she was doing.  "Taking Trevo!"  Some of the levels they were testing in her were now completely normal and that had improved the most was her calcium!!!  Woo Hoo!  It gets a bit humorous now ~ the nurse ended up getting Trevo from this great Life & Health Coach.  Love it!

If you're in the Nashville area & would like to find out more about Trevo from Laurie, please let us know.  She'll be happy to help you.  And don't you agree, you deserve to feel this great everyday, too?  Find out more at www.SoCal.trevobuilder.com today.  I'll let Laurie know you stopped by.