Our Superstar

You've probably seen her photo.  That is, if you've seen anything much at all that I've posted about Trevo in the past two years.  Please say, "Hello" to my dear best friend, Laurie. 

Ah, yes... We've been best friends since 1981.  Back in the days when no one had a cell phone. Most of our friends didn't have a car either. We were extremely concerned with looking tan, where we would sit in the cafeteria & occasionally we thought about studying.  Life was pretty great.  
Life is still pretty awesome and I love using photos of this amazing Life & Health Coach, because every picture I see of her shows how much she loves life.  Laurie is a mom of four great young adults; married to an incredible man with so many talents, it's just not possible to list them here.  And her family means everything to her.  She's mostly Greek ~ married to an Italian.  Yes.  They like garlic and pasta!  
A few years ago, Laurie completed her courses to become a certified Esthetician. I hope I spelled that correctly.  It's someone who can give facials, knows all about hair & skin care, and even aromatherapy.  And now we're so blessed to have Laurie on our team as a Trevo Life & Health Coach. Laurie loves the way Trevo helps you look your best from the inside out.  Her skin looks fantastic, her nails are strong but there are so many more ways that Laurie has been helped by Trevo.

In the past few years, she was feeling a bit poorly and started getting some specialized tests done on a regular basis.  It's been just about a year since Laurie started on Trevo, by the way.  Last month she went in for her scheduled test.  The nurse was quite interested in her results and asked her what she was doing.  "Taking Trevo!"  Some of the levels they were testing in her were now completely normal and that had improved the most was her calcium!!!  Woo Hoo!  It gets a bit humorous now ~ the nurse ended up getting Trevo from this great Life & Health Coach.  Love it!

If you're in the Nashville area & would like to find out more about Trevo from Laurie, please let us know.  She'll be happy to help you.  And don't you agree, you deserve to feel this great everyday, too?  Find out more at www.SoCal.trevobuilder.com today.  I'll let Laurie know you stopped by.


Our Danell from Chula Vista

Please say hello to my good friends, Darryl & Danell ~ friends of mine since 2009. Darryl is one of those guys with a Voice.  Yeah, that kind.  Darryl came in to audition for me back in my other life as a Creative Arts Pastor and I think I put him on stage somehow, but it was ~ Goodness, WOW!  Listen to that Voice!  So after a bit of convincing, Darryl agreed to do some voice-overs for our upcoming Christmas production.  He was stellar.

So through meeting Darryl, I met Danell.  Amazing how that happens...  Someone wonderful helps you meet someone else wonderful and life can be this big chunky chain of awesomeness.  O.  I digress.

Getting back to meeting Danell.  They were happy newlyweds & Danell offered her assistance with some costuming & decorating for our church the next few years.  Most memorable costuming ~ for a horse.  Yes. It was a Christmas production and she created an incredible ensemble for the horse including flowers & ribbons.  Most memorable decorating ~ she did the entire Sanctuary AND we spent the next few months up in the rafters working together as she purged through our massive assortment of outdated lovelies and reorganized the entire room of Christmas decorations.  Some people never cease to amaze you with their gifts!  No one really knew the amount of time we spent up there, but that's ok.  God does.  O.  I digress, again.

Back in 2011, I'd found out by surprise that Danell is a cousin of a dear friend of mine.  Here's a pic from church that day:

Michelle (on the left) and I had sung together often when we both attended a different church in town.  But she'd moved far away, and I never imagined these two beautiful women were related!

Moving forward... After I'd been with Trevo for a few months, I invited Danell to come try it.  I actually invited a lot of people, but Danell was the only one to come over.  O. once again...

Danell shared she had a few prescriptions she'd like to stop taking, and wondered if Trevo would help.  I knew they might, but we really steer clear of making promises.  Better to under promise & over deliver right?    She had some problems with taking other supplements - mostly the nasty taste made her, well...  Trevo tastes fabulous ~ so we were looking good!

Danell made the decision in October of 2012 to start changing her life.  She agreed to stay in close touch with her doctor and she wanted to take Trevo every day & begin a more active lifestyle. She started walking, swimming, watching her diet and stuck with the great-tasting Trevo.  At $1 a serving, that's pretty do-able.  Slowly, ever so slowly... the doctor began taking her off some of her prescriptions!

My husband snapped this photo of us the next time Danell came over to our house ~ in May of '13.

Are you starting to see anything?  This photo wasn't planned ~ we didn't even touch up our lip gloss.

I'd heard from Darryl a few weeks ago that Danell had taken off over 100lbs.  Seriously?  Seriously?

She'd sent me a picture recently, but I finally got to see her & hug her tiny little neck on Saturday morning.  Is this a great smile?

Yes!!! It's the same person!  She admitted she's lost somewhere between 120 - 130 lbs & is ready to take on the world.  She'd like to get a motorcycle, but Darryl's not so sure about that.  Full of courage & thankfulness, life is looking brighter.  All those prescriptions but one are gone, and with God's help, that one will be gone soon.  When her doctor gives the ok, we'll have a little happy dance.  O.  I almost digressed again.

If you'd like to contact Darryl or Danell regarding Trevo, you may reach them at their Trevo site here. and they will be happy to help you start your Trevo journey.  You're worth it!


Experience the Power of Wellness

Is today one of 'those' days for you?  The coffee pot isn't large enough and the blanket seems to be screaming your name?  Or softly whispering, "I miss you.  Please come snuggle a bit more.  We can put on our copy of Sleeping Beauty and call it a day..."

I know what that's like.  You're not sure whether to amp up your metabolism with a large Toblerone bar, or maybe finish off that 2 liter bottle of Dr. Pepper, or just hang it up and find a nice spot in the sun to close out the day snoozing.  

Well, my friend, let me share something with you.  When I started on Trevo two years ago, I was in exactly that same spot.  But now...

This is a wee bit more like the way I feel.  The energy Trevo gives is from an all-natural product with 174 nutraceuticals.  What? What are nutraceuticals? Our ingredients include vegetables, sea vegetables, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, powerful antioxidants and much more.  

Coming from every corner of the globe, Trevo supports:

  • Vibrant Good Health
  • Enhanced Mental Focus
  • Increased Energy 

& so much more...

Just last Saturday I found myself filling three large recycle bins with greenery from our garden.  This happens a lot.  And imagine ~ just a few years ago, I'd have been cuddled up singing along to "Hi Ho, Hi Ho..." watching everyone else in the family assist.

If you'd like to find out more & get started with a new energetic lifestyle, please visit my Trevo site here.  Or leave a comment & I'll get right back to you with info.  The value of Trevo is massive & you'll spend more on those chips with lunch than a day's serving.  Are you worth it?


My Hair ~ O My Hair

There ya go ~ You needed that laugh!  It's a gloomy day here today, and sometimes we need to sit back and chuckle. 

Our hair is such a central part of our identity.  I know it's the one thing I'll spend money on if I don't really have extra money to spend.  Are you that way?  Well, now that the focus of this blog is inspiring stories of hope usually related to our Trevo customers; this is a good one!

Last summer I had a dear friend come and stay with us for a few days.  She basically was using our guest room as a hostel while she visited with family & friends she misses dearly after moving far, far away.  We had a wonderful time together and of course, if someone stays here, they have full Trevo privileges as our guest. 

My friend commented that she seemed to have a bit more energy during her stay & had been able to resist some sweets at the beach party she'd attended.  Great!  But it wasn't until January or so that she called me to order her first bottle of Trevo ~ just for herself.  I think she's beautiful, but she was concerned about her hair.  Can you relate?

"It's so thin & I'm losing my hair!" she said.  O dear.  This isn't one of our strongest bullet points in our Trevo literature.  We talk about Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Energy, Mental Clarity and so on, but I wasn't sure "Hair" was on our list. 

Can you imagine how happy I was to receive this message via email two weeks, yes, two weeks after my buddy started on Trevo??

thought it might interest you...

After only two weeks of using Trevo, this brand new hair (not my old bangs) grew in and grew this fast! And in a place where I was actually losing my hair a lot, before I started Trevo...

Off to a great start!!!
So...I'm not sure if she's gone in for a style like our lovely puppy in the picture, but what a great report! 
If you're looking for great anti-aging support for hair, skin, nails, bones, etc.  Please try Trevo for 90 days.  We're a lifestyle product and results may appear just this quickly for you, or it may be a bit longer.  You may order here at my site. 
Orders may be placed for any of the 21 countries in which we are registered.  Just select your country when requested.  Try the Power of Wellness ~ You're Worth It!


Trevo For Me

Trevo - The Power of Wellness

For those of you that know me, really know me, you know I love to write.  I try to see life just a bit differently & find the humor each day can bring.  So here I am.  I've decided to get back to this blog and the focus will be a bit new than previously on Grace Today.  I'm no longer working in a church.  Not a Children's Pastor.  Not a Creative Arts Pastor. Not a Worship Team Leader.  Not a Cellist. Not a Violinist.  So those stories will be few & far between.  Oh, so many whole notes...

I've always loved people, and this blog will now be focused on how the people I meet and love have seen amazing things happen in their lives due to starting on Trevo.  I'm passionate about our product as I sincerely believe it helped save my life a couple of years ago.  I'd lost a lot of weight due to all sorts of internal & external issues.  Many people have lost weight on our Trevo.  I, however, found it helped me forget all sorts of things I was craving and began to find new balance in my world.  I'm still down several sizes from the old days, but I'm not garishly thin like I was two years ago.  I'm now in Smalls, instead of Large Girls, but way down from XL from the mid-2000's.  So all in all, that's great. 

I do try to keep my posts short, and this is the first of many to follow.  If you're not up for hearing stories of people finding new in their world, (the new can come in many different forms) then we can part ways now with no hard feelings.  I don't want anyone to feel pressured to follow this blog if they're expecting to read about disastrously humorous events during Easter rehearsals or such ~ but I do hope you'll find the good news here inspiring.  

If you're really curious about what Trevo is ~ visit my site here or message me to get started today.  I can't wait to welcome Spring tomorrow morning and hope the birds & sunshine will be with you wherever your day takes you. Things are lookin' up!


Redeeming Love

I have a confession to make.  Right here, right now.  

I consider myself to be a reader.  I read a lot of books.  But here it is...I've never read anything by Francine Rivers before.  Yes, it's true.  After reading "Redeeming Love" I'm pretty well kicking myself for not having the pleasure of enjoying her work for the past twenty years or so.  

This novel captured me within two pages.  Carrying it with me on a plane trip, several people commented to me, "That's a good one.  You'll love it!"  And they were each absolutely correct. Taking the story from the book of Hosea and placing it in the Gold Rush era sounded a bit cheesy.  But it worked beautifully!  

If you've ever felt unworthy, wondered why God permitted your birth, if there's an ounce of redemption possible for you ~ this book should be in your reading basket.  The only drawback or possible negative thought I had was that the closure happened too quickly.  The story ended.  I wanted to keep reading about Sarah and Michael.  I wanted to follow the other characters through to their new lives, as well.  Perhaps there's a sequel.  I certainly hope so.

You can check out Chapter One here: Read Chapter One  

"I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review."  I give it a two thumbs up!


Greater by Steven Furtick

I thoroughly enjoyed this quick read by Stephen Furtick.  His writing style keeps the reader’s attention with simple wording; yet very profound truths are shared throughout the book.  The story of Elisha is woven throughout the book and relayed for any reader’s benefit in a beautiful manner. 
Pursuing a “Greater” life rather than settling for a mundane existence is a choice we can all make.  However, Mr. Furtick gives wonderful examples of ways in which God can use our time in such existences for a greater future.
There is no better time than today to start seeking God’s Greater for your life.  The practical applications presented in this book will help you in your search.
 I received a free copy of this book to read and review by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group, for my honest unbiased opinion.  If I didn’t like it, I would tell you!


Deadline by Randy Alcorn



I have to confess.  Starting this book, I wasn’t at all sure I could make it to Chapter 2.  It seemed wordy; the pages were very full with hardly any space outside the margins.  I found it to be slow and thought the author was giving me far too much information on each of the central characters.  However ~
I’m extremely glad I stuck with it.  I can liken it to taking the car up the ramp to Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Once it started moving, it was a ride with every bit of excitement.  The plot was phenomenal, the characters completely needed the depth that they had been given. 
Randy Alcorn’s work was completely new to me, although I was aware of his writing on heaven.  I encourage you to visit his site here http://waterbrookmultnomah.com/catalog.php?work=1663 and get to know his work.  You will not regret it.
“Deadline” was a long read for me, and I highly recommend it.  Many moral debates are included and are handled with the utmost grace, tact and courtesy.  "I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review."



Can you see it?

Can you?

What in the world kind of a crazy photo is this, anyway??  I took this a while back from my kitchen window.  Or maybe it was the sitting room, not sure.  Regardless, there is a huge owl right smack in the middle of the picture.  Do you see it now??

This morning I gathered up my Bible (I'm trying out the Bible-in-90-days and after three months or so, I'm into Deuteronomy.)  my coffee, Max and the phone just in case it might ring.  The sun was ever so beautiful after a most gloomy day yesterday.  Of course, just after I'd gotten the chair just right, convinced Max to curl up in the lounge chair and opened up to read about poor Moses' 2nd attempt at meeting God on the mountain~ the sun went behind a large cloud.  Of course.

Is there a point to all this rambling?  I certainly hope so. 

Mr. Owl was in the tree all along.  The sun is still there, even when it disappears behind a cloud.  No matter what I, or you, may be feeling today, God's love, faithfulness, kindness, goodness, mercy and peace are all still here.  They - He never disappears.  Mr. Owl may leave our yard.  The sun may be covered by clouds.  I may lose hope.  But Hope is always present.  Always.

And thankfully, God keeps His Word.

Courage, Friends.  Courage.



What is it about the average Wednesday? There's a tendency to get lots of laundry done hoping you won't need to do any more until the next Monday, but that rarely works out. If you shampoo your hair, you might not need to do it again until Saturday, but who can seriously wait that long. If you had Taco Tuesdays, well, what will it be for dinner. How can you possibly top Taco Tuesday?

And for those of us who put in a 40 hour work week, well Wednesdays are full of glimmers of hope that the weekend is just aroung the corner. You've made it through Monday, Tuesday was a breeze and now it's time to watch the clock each afternoon dreaming of the family fun ahead.

Growing up there was Youth Group on Wednesday night. That was awesome. You got to see all your friends who attended other schools. You didn't have to hang with the weird friends you saw every day. (I say that because all my friends were weird. But very, very awesome!) And if we were lucky, Youth Group was over early enough to go for a burger afterwards even on a school night.

But now, Wednesdays are just Wednesdays.

I can't wait for heaven. None of this will matter. We can hang with all of our favorite people; keep meeting new friends forever, and work on whatever projects are the absolute best ones around. But seriously. I do hope we still get the occasional Taco Tuesday now and again...