Our Superstar

You've probably seen her photo.  That is, if you've seen anything much at all that I've posted about Trevo in the past two years.  Please say, "Hello" to my dear best friend, Laurie. 

Ah, yes... We've been best friends since 1981.  Back in the days when no one had a cell phone. Most of our friends didn't have a car either. We were extremely concerned with looking tan, where we would sit in the cafeteria & occasionally we thought about studying.  Life was pretty great.  
Life is still pretty awesome and I love using photos of this amazing Life & Health Coach, because every picture I see of her shows how much she loves life.  Laurie is a mom of four great young adults; married to an incredible man with so many talents, it's just not possible to list them here.  And her family means everything to her.  She's mostly Greek ~ married to an Italian.  Yes.  They like garlic and pasta!  
A few years ago, Laurie completed her courses to become a certified Esthetician. I hope I spelled that correctly.  It's someone who can give facials, knows all about hair & skin care, and even aromatherapy.  And now we're so blessed to have Laurie on our team as a Trevo Life & Health Coach. Laurie loves the way Trevo helps you look your best from the inside out.  Her skin looks fantastic, her nails are strong but there are so many more ways that Laurie has been helped by Trevo.

In the past few years, she was feeling a bit poorly and started getting some specialized tests done on a regular basis.  It's been just about a year since Laurie started on Trevo, by the way.  Last month she went in for her scheduled test.  The nurse was quite interested in her results and asked her what she was doing.  "Taking Trevo!"  Some of the levels they were testing in her were now completely normal and that had improved the most was her calcium!!!  Woo Hoo!  It gets a bit humorous now ~ the nurse ended up getting Trevo from this great Life & Health Coach.  Love it!

If you're in the Nashville area & would like to find out more about Trevo from Laurie, please let us know.  She'll be happy to help you.  And don't you agree, you deserve to feel this great everyday, too?  Find out more at www.SoCal.trevobuilder.com today.  I'll let Laurie know you stopped by.

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