Tour de Cure

Just when life seems pretty stable and calm; that's when it can hit.  The results are back and without much warning ~ You're living an entirely different life.  

That's what happens to people we know and love every day.  All of a sudden, their world becomes one of testing, resting and injecting.  Yes, the tests are better now and becoming less painful, but still.  Can you imagine spending a portion of each day making sure your insulin level was ok so you wouldn't have a major medical issue?  Seriously. Often this is needed several times a day.  Every day.

From the ADA website, here are some of the complications of diabetes:

Serious Increased risk of heart disease and stroke 
Leading cause of kidney failure 
Nervous system disease & non-traumatic lower-limb amputations 

So why is this possible downer of a post here on Trevo Time today?  Well, here's the good news ~ We're sponsoring a team of riders in the Tour de Cure in just a couple of weeks to help STOP Diabetes!  Yes!  

The ride is May 17th in Del Mar, CA.  If you would like to join our team as a rider, come on!  If you can pray for our team (four of them are committed to riding 100 miles) that would be fabulous!  And yes, we want some of your money!  There.  I said it.  We want whatever is in your wallet.  Right now.  Go get it.  (I'm working on being bolder.) $5, $10, $15, $26, $110, it's all good.

Here is a link to our team page:
Trevo Corporate Team

You can sign up to ride with us, donate to one of our dedicated riders or send a message to  our team.  Please join us as we support this great cause & organization.  

You never know when you'll be the one sitting in the doctor's office hearing that news.  Let's do everything we can to STOP diabetes before that can happen.

Thank you.

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