Trevo is my Full-Time Job.

Yes, It's true.  I have a home-based business helping people find better health & perhaps help them find a new business themselves.  This photo was taken in Houston last year at an expo where we had a booth sharing our product & business opportunity.  There was a gun show next door & I've never been so close to so many guns before.  Ever.

Both Jaye Gerding (the handsome man in the middle) and my great coach Trina Mullins (the lovely lady on the right) and I spent a few days there working pretty hard.  It was a good success.  We even shared a dessert when it was all over.

Working hard, laughing together, enjoying the good things a business can provide.  Trevo is a company that encourages fun, along with great health.  We also want to be known as a charitable company.  Giving back to the community, supporting causes we find have merit and need our help.

Sometimes we come across some interesting requests as Life & Health Coaches with our company.
Requests for free samples. Lots of them ~ to see if it works.
Requests for free bottles (a month's supply).
Requests for sponsoring people into the business.
Complaints about paying for shipping.

I wonder at times, if the people who ask for these things ever go into Target and say, "Can I take home a bag of Iams to see if my puppy likes it?"  Or do they go to Outback for dinner and let the server know they weren't sure if this meal really helped them?  Maybe so.  We all do get samples in the mail.  I know.  And giving people do like to give. But seriously.

And then there's the few people who aren't interested in having anything to do with a Direct Sales organization.  Now, once again, I wonder if anyone goes into Macy's and says, "I like that shirt, but I don't want to buy from you because you have to pay rent, advertising costs & employees' salaries. I would rather buy from someone who makes clothes in their garage and will sell them to me from their driveway."

Perhaps its all just me today.  It's been cloudy out and I don't do cloudy well.  But to my friends who sell Mary Kay, Avon, Pampered Chef, Tupperware & Zeal, "Here's to ya!  I hope we all make it to the top and I want you to know I get that it's a real job for you, too."

Trevo offers a fantastic nutritional supplement in a great-tasting liquid formula.  It could change your life with better health.  If you'd like to order, please visit www.SoCal.trevobuilder.com today.  I'll see if the USPS will ship it for free ~ but no guarantees on that.

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