No More Mood Swings!

A few months ago, I shared with you about my dear friend & Trevo customer here.  She was so happy to see some new hair growing and we both did a wee happy dance when I heard about it.  Last Friday we were once again able to spend some time chatting about life, fun, hope and her hair.  Women certainly do spend a lot of time talking about their hair...

And she started telling me another story ~

"After several months on Trevo, I'm so delighted to see the hair is growing in much better & each month is looks fuller. But I've recently realized that during my monthly cycle, I haven't even had so much as a mood swing!  I used to struggle horribly with extreme anger.  I thought back through the past two months and was so grateful."

We talked for a bit longer, and I reminded her that this sort of thing happens to our Trevo family.  Our product works constantly & steadily.  Whether you're looking for Anti-Aging benefits, internal cleansing, allergy relief or so much more, give Trevo some time, and you may be seeing new answers when you're least expecting them.  Trevo begins to work at a cellular level within 13 minutes, but each part of your body renews at a different pace.  Your nails, hair, skin, teeth, brain & bones may all benefit from our 174 nutraceuticals.  But each part of your body works on its own schedule.

What a wonderful report from my dear friend.  She's one more to add to the list who can say, "I feel great! Thanks Trevo!"

If you'd like to start on our product and see the benefits first hand, please visit my website here.  Or leave your name in a comment & I'll be happy to get right back to you.  The cost is what you'd spend for a Tall at Starbuck's. You really are worth trying something to make every day, every week, better ~ aren't you?  .

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