Six Months to Christmas

Can you imagine? Someone had the nerve to put this fact on Facebook today.  "Six Months to Christmas"  This is summertime here in Southern California.  Beach time.  Barbecue & Fireworks time.  But ready or not ~ we'll soon be pulling out all the boxes for trimming our tree or waxing the candles for Hanukkah.

I served as a pastor in my previous life.  No, not the ethereal Shirley MacLaine type, the life I had before finding Trevo and starting as a Life & Health Coach.  I remember the pressures of Christmas and the holidays in general.  Never enough time, money or resources to go around.  I worked in the Creative Arts field, and we always needed volunteers.  More of them.  Always. Everyone is so busy, everyone, and they don't want to spend a Saturday to come help decorate the Sanctuary, sing in the choir for Christmas Eve or run lights for the Christmas Show.  And there are others who are more than happy to help if they can bring their toddlers along.  Grin.  Of course, there are always amazingly dedicated volunteers, willing to go the extra 2nd & 3rd miles and they're the completely unsung heroes in my world. But I digress...

The thing I remember most about the Christmas season during those years was that I always got sick right after all the pressure was over.  All the Hallelujahs had been refrained, all the trees decked, all the presents wrapped and under the tree and I just wanted to find the couch, start ELF and disappear.  Ever been there?  Let's put some beans in the crock pot and call it Christmas.

But here's the good news!  I started with Trevo in early 2012.  From that day to this, I honestly cannot remember being sick.  I feel good every day.  I struggled with canker sores a lot before.  I still do get them occasionally ~ but now, instead of lasting for 12 - 14 days, they're gone in 2.  Serious.  That is huge!  I haven't had a cold, a sore throat, the flu or any major health concerns.

This all came back to me when I was chatting with a new Trevo customer this week.  She shared that although she works in a clinic and is exposed to all sorts of griminess there, she hasn't been ill for a day since starting on our great product.  What a huge blessing!

We see so many great benefits from using our Power of Wellness such as Anti-Aging, Blood Pressure support, Digestive health and much, much more, but seriously... Staying Well is HUGE.  If you find you need a cup of coffee around 2 in the afternoon, a Red Bull or maybe a Pepsi and some chips...  Well for less than the cost of either of those items, you could be giving your body the nutritional support to thrive.  One ounce a day is roughly one dollar, maybe a dollar-fifty.  Imagine.  One dollar.  You can't even get a tall coffee of the day at Starbucks for that.

Is your health worth $1 or $2 a day?  Order today and let's see how much your life has changed come Christmas.  I promise to dedicate a post to you.  You're worth it.

Order your Trevo at www.SoCal.trevobuilder.com today.  Happy Holidays!

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