Looking to Feel Better, Look Better, Live Better?

Ha!  Yes, that's me.  A couple of years ago I took a trip out to Texas to see my favorite cousin, Bob.  Bob loves his Harleys.  So on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we took a ride out to see the sights.  Now, rest assured I was not on my own bike.  This was purely a photo shot opportunity here.  Bob drove and I enjoyed it immensely.  I'd imagined I'd be scared to death and was quite pleasantly surprised to realize it was a delightfully fun experience.  Zoom, zoom...

So what in the world does that photo and paragraph have to do with Trevo Time?  Here's the reality.  I hear from people every week who want to feel better, look better and live better.  Frankly, I imagine most people would like those three things.  And as a Life & Health Coach with Trevo, I would be so honored to help friends & family in their search for these things.

Trevo offers amazing nutritional support in an easy, good-tasting liquid.  The cost is about $1 a serving, which seems pretty reasonable to me.  Our product includes 174 nutraceuticals which is a long word for "all the good stuff your body needs."  (My paraphrase.)  It helps bring your body into balance to eliminate food cravings, support all your organs (including your brain) assists with Anti-Aging and so much more.  For a buck a serving.

But here's the kicker.  People who claim to want "New" as in New Health, New Weight, New Income, etc., often put the brakes on and simply stop.  It didn't work in a month.  Life didn't change in two months.  It's really quite sad.  Our product is a Lifestyle product.  With a wee bit of time, taking it every day and sticking with it, so many things may improve.

Our society is a microwave society now.  A minute is far too long to wait for a cup of tea.  Realizing the magnitude of impatience in our world makes me cheer all the harder for these two friends.

Do you remember reading about Danell?

Her story started in October of 2012.  She stuck with it.  Swimming, walking, eating more healthy food & taking Trevo.  Wow ~ so fabulous. Along with losing 120 lbs, she's lost many, many prescriptions. Woot!

And there's Mr. Jaye Gerding:

Jaye's down 130 or so lbs now.  But it didn't happen in one month.  It's taken time.  Jaye began eating more healthy foods, walking, working on his health and was determined to take his Trevo three times a day.  Jaye is also happy to have stopped taking many medications he needed prior to starting on Trevo.

These are just two stories.  Trevo may be the answer you are looking for.  I would love to help you start on your Trevo journey.  Visit my site today or leave a comment & I'll contact you with more information on our product or our business.  Maybe it's time to focus on doing something new.  It might surprise you just how great you'll feel ~ just like I did on that Harley a couple of years ago in Texas.  New can be awesome!

Don't forget! www.SoCal.trevobuilder.com
You're worth it!

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