It's Trevo Time!

We're seeing some pretty amazing growth within our company this year.  As the photo says we've just opened in the Ivory Coast.  According to our CEO Mark Stevens, we had 1700 people attend the launch events there.  In the Ivory Coast!  Do you know how many people 1700 is?  That's huge!  My graduating class in High School was around 500 ~ so three times that many attended our launch in the Ivory Coast.

Trevo has been in operation since November of 2010.  We are seeing lives changed all over the globe.  I noticed a friend's status update on Facebook today.  It read, "The doctor says I can stop one of my blood pressure medicines."  Another friend messaged me on Friday proudly sharing how much her blood pressure has dropped this month and letting me know her gums have stopped bleeding.  She sees some other improvements, but they're a little too personal for me to share here.  That's her story and her news, know what I mean?

If you would like information on our great product or company, please contact me soon.  Our compensation plan rewards you in many ways, eight to be exact.  One way is through our team volume commission.  This means that every one who joins Trevo after you ~ regardless of which team they join ~ or what country they live in ~ you stand to be rewarded according to your place in the company.

Great to be with our CEO, Mark Stevens last October in Tulsa, OK

Now another statement  Mr. Stevens made recently was that "The greatest earners in Trevo may not have joined the company yet." Our debt-free company is just now starting to roll.  We would love to have you with us on our Presidential Elite Team.  Presently we are open and operating in the US, Canada, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Panama, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Dubai and India.  More locations will be opening very soon and it's the perfect time to get your position with our team.

For product information visit www.SoCal.trevobuilder.com and for product as well as information on our company, visit www.trevocorporate.com/coach/sjahr.  We're looking for builders, people just like you that want to share good news and hope with others.  Are you looking to live an empowered life?  Contact me today.  It's time.

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