We All Screamed for Ice Cream

Saturday was far too warm here in Sunny. But thankfully, we'd been planning a neighborhood block party ~ thanks to the good people at Dreyer's. It was a great hour or two sharing laughter, smiles, and fun with the folk who live on our street.

It seems we tend to come and go through our garages these days. The air conditioners are on and the windows closed most of the time. Rarely do we have a chance to check in with our neighbors. Saturday was a great time just sharing a bit of love and joy. And the ice cream was enjoyed by all ~ especially Max!


The Squirrel with Electricity

I've seen some amazing things in my life, but yesterday's sight was one of the oddest. Max wanted to go to see the ducks at the lake, so we packed up all our trappings and ventured over to enjoy an hour or two. Unfortunately, I forgot Max' settle-down towel, but that's a story for another day...

We found the perfect shade tree. We were far away from all other humanity, except for the occasional jogger. It was at least 15 degrees cooler than at our house, and it appeared to be a relaxing spot.

I noticed a cute little squirrel sitting next to a concrete picnic table and he greeted us with a nod. (Not really, but it makes the story much cuter.) Max and I had our lunch and I began to read a few pages from my book. Max stood on-guard since I'd forgotten the towel and we were enjoying the sounds of nature. The wind gently blowing on the water, the trees softly whispering and the tapping of a few oars out on the lake.

And then it began...I heard an annoying 'beep' .... 'beep'.................' beep'....'beep'.... 'beep'.................. you get the picture. I started looking around and couldn't see anyone near us. Max raised his head as if helping me try to locate it, too.

Then I saw it. I could hardly believe it. The squirrel by the table was still sitting there and he had the hiccups. Yes, hiccups. With each up-of-the-hicc a most noticeable beep came out of him.

I'd left the camera at home. "Oh, no!" I thought. No one will believe me. I rapidly phoned my good friend Judy Trudy and had her listen to it. I explained the source and the distance (around 20') and she can verify it for you. The cute little squirrel was beeping.

I really hope he is all right. I hope he didn't explode. And I hope if he swallowed something odd, it comes through without causing major distress. But perhaps, he is just one very cool squirrel.

We plan on going to the same spot next week. It would be great if you could join us!


The Leaking Window: All I Want is for My Daughter to be Whole and off those Antidepressants

The Leaking Window: All I Want is for My Daughter to be Whole and off those Antidepressants

Usually, things are quite light-hearted here at Grace Today. This post is one that I want any of you to read if you, or anyone in your family, is battling depression, bi-polar issues, or perhaps other mental illness. The key word here is 'illness' ~not 'crazy-in-the-head-ness' or 'why-aren't-you-more-holy-ness.'

Sister Sheri is a wonderful friend and I hope you will take a few minutes to absorb her thoughts. And if you're struggling, send me a comment (I'll use discretion in posting, promise).

Grab some coffee or a tall glass of Sweet Tea and sit a spell.




We had the most lovely serendipity last Friday night. Our good friends, Sal & Louise, invited us to dinner over the hill a ways up the coast. If you're ever coming down to this part of the world, be sure to check this place out for brunch, lunch or dinner: Pacifica Del Mar.

Oh my goodness! The food is incredible and the view is spectacular! We had calamari that was probably caught that afternoon by a fisherman out on the pier nearby. Two sauces! Imagine. Our salmon was sitting on a little pastry house covering the mashed potatoes garnished with asparagus.

We finished the evening with taste treats of mango sorbet and a dessert trio of chocolate bonbons and creme brulee. (Sorry, I don't know how to add the French accent in blogger.) The mango sorbet had a cookie for garnishment that would be perfect to serve all by it's self. I'd be happy going to the restaurant and ordering the cookie from the mango sorbet and a cup of coffee any afternoon. Want to join me sometime?

Thanks Sal & Louise! You guys are the best friends ever!


beloved MaMa™: Today's a New Day and I'm Back!

Check it out! Click on this link > beloved MaMa™: Today's a New Day and I'm Back!

This is it! This is the amazing answer to prayer I recently referred to using such discretion. Please check in and say hi if you've not seen belovedmama's site. If you love her and wonder where she's been...well, I think she's been praying for most of the whole world and the Lord is blessing her with moving her back to Southern California where she'll be close enough to visit Sunny once every blue moon or so.

Please forgive the suspense; I needed to respect my darling friend's wishes. I trust you understand. That's just what friends do...



Is everyone having a great summer? It seems things are slowing down in Blogland for a season. That's ok with me, I just hope nobody feels I've forgotten them. Life seems to be zooming along and good things are ahead!

JJ & Honey are still looking for work. I've got my projects here and there with lots of laughter in-between them all. We've started playing badminton each evening and Max is our birdie-boy. He's becoming quite skilled at getting the birdies we've hit far too far.

The bunnies around here are too cute for words. Max runs after them, but is quite nice if he catches one. I would not be happy if he was, well, looking for a snack, you know.

All in all, life is good in Sunny. Wish you could join us for some Sweet Tea tonight. We'd have so much fun!


Notes From the Tilt-A-Whirl

I've been on a crazy ride with Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl by N.D. Wilson! It's a delightful look at the world through the author's eyes. He poses questions a mile a minute and bounces around the scenery in a way that makes the title completely appropriate. Some of the questions he raises have often kept me awake at night. Tending to keep those thoughts to myself, it was an amazing adventure on this tilt-a-whirl feeling I was sitting with a good friend. Sensing a bit of motion sickness at times, I'd have to put the book down for a few minutes to let some of the content soak in. He brings it all together in the last few chapters. I enjoyed the ride and the spins were fabulous!


A Good Day

Some days are just filled with roses, sunshine and hummingbirds. Every lovely thing you can imagine. Today is one of those days.

No, I don't actually have the roses and hummingbirds, but we do have more than our fair share of sunshine. Our heavenly Father has answered a prayer request today that we have been bringing to Him for a few years. So it's time for a happy dance. Go on ~ put on your wiggly slacks and tennies and join in. The exercise will feel good and you'll breathe a bit deeper and sleep a bit sounder tonight.

When I have clearance from Intelligence Central Up North, I'll let you know the particulars. I really do hate to keep you guessing, but it's just that good. I had to let you know we are all going to finish off a large pitcher of Sweet Tea tonight! Come on ~ raise your glass too!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...


Sunny Times

We share so much fun via long distance, twitter and facebook...but there's just something extra special about being together.

We played with water guns, had a great barbecue, laughed with our families until our sides hurt, viewed the wedding video ~ much to Honey's delight, and encouraged each other with hope. It was a fabulous evening having our friends here. You may know her ~ she's belovedmama in bloggyland. And my amazing friend.

When an absolutely wonderful afternoon or evening of fun happens, I often wonder if it's just a wee taste of Heaven. I think we're going to share some great times around fire pits or barbecues or ice cream trucks there. We may perhaps even engage in some water gun fun. I think joy is definitely in the works...


Yes, She Is

Beloved Mama, hostess of the amazing belovedmama blogspot is coming over to play at my house tonight! I promise to post photos tomorrow! and she better get back at her blogging soon, eh!

We'll raise our Sweet Tea to y'all for sure!



We had a quiet July 4th around here. JJ & Honey were away with her family celebrating her sister Lovely's birthday, as well as the birth of our nation. Lovely wants to go into government work, so a patriotic birthday is most appropriate for her.

We watched the Capitol Fourth on PBS and I must confess, televised fireworks just simply are not the same. The music was wonderful and Aretha was earth-shakingly delightful. I had hoped to see the famous hat again, but she chose a yellow ensemble instead. The gray hat would not have worked well.

We've been working on a puzzle of the American flag. We may finish it by labor day. DJ put together three sections of firework blasts last night. That is most admirable in the jigsaw puzzle hall-of-fame.

Sunday morning we were privileged to attend two patriotic services. It's always nice to see friends in the band, choir and/or orchestra at these events. There was even a horse involved with one of them. And yes, he left a special gift near the stage. It filled the auditorium with a true sense of 'being there.' Lots of kids involved in the drama, and it's great to see teenagers wanting to serve in church. Next time you see one at your church, let 'em know you love 'em. The size of that tattoo doesn't matter nearly as much as how much you love 'em. Right?!?

Seeing the bright spots in America certainly helps these days. Its about time we began focusing more on our bright spots overall, eh. (Just had to throw in a little Canadian there. Just because.)


Here's to You, America!

Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July! Go find a good parade, listen to some great music, eat some corn-on-the-cob...use sunscreen, but most of all, say a prayer for our troops, our president and our country.

And have an amazing day with family or friends that feel like family!


I'm Going to my New Home

The time has come. Most of the puppy angels are on their way to their new forever families. Little Sam here is not quite sure what that means, but he's hoping it will be wonderful. His mama, Roxy, has done an excellent job of raising him so far and he's ready to face the world.

He'll run, chase, sit, shake, roll over, stay, and most importantly of all, take very good care of his new Big People. We're sure of that!

It is puppy season now. Please, o please, if you want a new pet, find a reputable breeder or a good shelter for your selection. As much as I love puppies, the thought of supporting a puppy mill in any manner brings tears to my eyes quite quickly.

And please, keep your lil' ones inside this weekend! I'm sure Max will be hiding out under his favorite chair. He's still a bit nervous over hearing a firecracker back in May...