Is everyone having a great summer? It seems things are slowing down in Blogland for a season. That's ok with me, I just hope nobody feels I've forgotten them. Life seems to be zooming along and good things are ahead!

JJ & Honey are still looking for work. I've got my projects here and there with lots of laughter in-between them all. We've started playing badminton each evening and Max is our birdie-boy. He's becoming quite skilled at getting the birdies we've hit far too far.

The bunnies around here are too cute for words. Max runs after them, but is quite nice if he catches one. I would not be happy if he was, well, looking for a snack, you know.

All in all, life is good in Sunny. Wish you could join us for some Sweet Tea tonight. We'd have so much fun!


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm having the busiest one of my life ... I'm not kidding. And in the midst of it all, I'm trying to keep my presence in blog land. It's been a challenge, but as time allows, I'm checking in.

peace, friend.


Beth E. said...

Okay, what does Max DO if he catches a bunny? Are we talking "catch and release"? If so, that's a pretty amazing dog you've got there!

I would love to join you for sweet tea! *sigh* We're having an extremely busy summer, too. Like Elaine, I will have TWO sons in college this fall. Our youngest (Bo) will be entering as a freshman. So, we've been trying to prepare for that. It's time consuming AND expensive!!