We had the most lovely serendipity last Friday night. Our good friends, Sal & Louise, invited us to dinner over the hill a ways up the coast. If you're ever coming down to this part of the world, be sure to check this place out for brunch, lunch or dinner: Pacifica Del Mar.

Oh my goodness! The food is incredible and the view is spectacular! We had calamari that was probably caught that afternoon by a fisherman out on the pier nearby. Two sauces! Imagine. Our salmon was sitting on a little pastry house covering the mashed potatoes garnished with asparagus.

We finished the evening with taste treats of mango sorbet and a dessert trio of chocolate bonbons and creme brulee. (Sorry, I don't know how to add the French accent in blogger.) The mango sorbet had a cookie for garnishment that would be perfect to serve all by it's self. I'd be happy going to the restaurant and ordering the cookie from the mango sorbet and a cup of coffee any afternoon. Want to join me sometime?

Thanks Sal & Louise! You guys are the best friends ever!

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