Our Danell from Chula Vista

Please say hello to my good friends, Darryl & Danell ~ friends of mine since 2009. Darryl is one of those guys with a Voice.  Yeah, that kind.  Darryl came in to audition for me back in my other life as a Creative Arts Pastor and I think I put him on stage somehow, but it was ~ Goodness, WOW!  Listen to that Voice!  So after a bit of convincing, Darryl agreed to do some voice-overs for our upcoming Christmas production.  He was stellar.

So through meeting Darryl, I met Danell.  Amazing how that happens...  Someone wonderful helps you meet someone else wonderful and life can be this big chunky chain of awesomeness.  O.  I digress.

Getting back to meeting Danell.  They were happy newlyweds & Danell offered her assistance with some costuming & decorating for our church the next few years.  Most memorable costuming ~ for a horse.  Yes. It was a Christmas production and she created an incredible ensemble for the horse including flowers & ribbons.  Most memorable decorating ~ she did the entire Sanctuary AND we spent the next few months up in the rafters working together as she purged through our massive assortment of outdated lovelies and reorganized the entire room of Christmas decorations.  Some people never cease to amaze you with their gifts!  No one really knew the amount of time we spent up there, but that's ok.  God does.  O.  I digress, again.

Back in 2011, I'd found out by surprise that Danell is a cousin of a dear friend of mine.  Here's a pic from church that day:

Michelle (on the left) and I had sung together often when we both attended a different church in town.  But she'd moved far away, and I never imagined these two beautiful women were related!

Moving forward... After I'd been with Trevo for a few months, I invited Danell to come try it.  I actually invited a lot of people, but Danell was the only one to come over.  O. once again...

Danell shared she had a few prescriptions she'd like to stop taking, and wondered if Trevo would help.  I knew they might, but we really steer clear of making promises.  Better to under promise & over deliver right?    She had some problems with taking other supplements - mostly the nasty taste made her, well...  Trevo tastes fabulous ~ so we were looking good!

Danell made the decision in October of 2012 to start changing her life.  She agreed to stay in close touch with her doctor and she wanted to take Trevo every day & begin a more active lifestyle. She started walking, swimming, watching her diet and stuck with the great-tasting Trevo.  At $1 a serving, that's pretty do-able.  Slowly, ever so slowly... the doctor began taking her off some of her prescriptions!

My husband snapped this photo of us the next time Danell came over to our house ~ in May of '13.

Are you starting to see anything?  This photo wasn't planned ~ we didn't even touch up our lip gloss.

I'd heard from Darryl a few weeks ago that Danell had taken off over 100lbs.  Seriously?  Seriously?

She'd sent me a picture recently, but I finally got to see her & hug her tiny little neck on Saturday morning.  Is this a great smile?

Yes!!! It's the same person!  She admitted she's lost somewhere between 120 - 130 lbs & is ready to take on the world.  She'd like to get a motorcycle, but Darryl's not so sure about that.  Full of courage & thankfulness, life is looking brighter.  All those prescriptions but one are gone, and with God's help, that one will be gone soon.  When her doctor gives the ok, we'll have a little happy dance.  O.  I almost digressed again.

If you'd like to contact Darryl or Danell regarding Trevo, you may reach them at their Trevo site here. and they will be happy to help you start your Trevo journey.  You're worth it!

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