Temecula Tour de Cure

It's going to be hot.  Somewhere between 96 and 99 degrees.  It might rain ~ that would be a welcome surprise!  We're expecting about 800 riders.  Scores of volunteers.  It's this Sunday.

What is?  What's happening?  If you're asking that, you must not follow me much on social media.  Grin.  It seems like I've been posting to kingdom come to solicit donations for this great event. It's the Tour de Cure Temecula raising awareness and support for the American Diabetes Association.

Our team of six riders are ready to take on the challenge.  Granted, they'll be riding through amazingly beautiful vineyards.  But. Still.  It will be hot.  Their muscles may cramp.  They will probably get tired before the day is over.  But they're dedicated. Dedicated to the cause to help fund research to help Stop Diabetes.

Do you know anyone with this life-changing diagnosis? I do.

This is from the ADA website:  Diabetes complications are serious.

  • Increased risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Leading cause of kidney failure
  • Nervous system disease and non-traumatic lower-limb amputations

I'll be honest here friends.  Donations are trickling in, but it is a slow trickle.  We'd love to shatter our goal.  We're almost there, but who wants to do a little.  Will you please donate to one of our dedicated riders today and help us do a lot?  All donations are tax deductible, safe & secure and credit for your family, business or organization will be listed online unless you request it to be an anonymous gift.

Here's the link: Trevo Corporate Team
Pick a rider that you'd like to help sponsor.

Make a difference today.

Thank you,
The Trevo Corporate Team

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