All Settled

JJ and Honey are settled into their new couple-in-love quarters on the other side of our ranch here. It's a little tight for them, but should be fine for the next short season in their lives. They're right behind DJ's workout room and who wouldn't want to be right next to a workout room?

We found a nice portable closet-in-a-box for Honey and have it set up in one corner of the workout room. It makes me smile ~ it was in my mother's things and had never been used. So I'm sure she is smiling every time she sees Honey place a jacket on a hanger in there.

Max is becoming accustomed to the changes. He likes Honey very much, although he is not sure yet about letting her pet him. A few more treats, and he'll be good for life.

We had a busy Father's Day yesterday. Our niece and her family of four-under-seven were leaving right after lunch (yes, the SUV was filled to overflowing) for a six-week tour of the United States of America. The boys had even packed their bicycles. I think they should have added a web-cam to the dashboard. That could be a smash of a reality show, eh!

Thankfully, most thankfully, they left their two snakes and five lizards at home. At least we think they did...

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Beth E. said...

Tell your niece to stop by and visit me! :-)

I hope someone is feeding the lizards and snakes while they are gone!

My hubby and I started out in a very small one-bedroom apartment. Our kitchen was so small that we couldn't open the oven door and the refrigerator door at the same time! LOL We were so happy, though...it was a great time in our lives. JJ and Honey will consider this time to be one of the best times, too....wedded bliss!