So Much Fun

We've just about recovered from our day of unending thrills, attractions and dining experiences. Thankfully, we were inside an enclosed attraction when the rain fell. It seemed we hit every ride and show at just the right time. Several times, we were called out and went to the front of the line when they needed a small group to fill something up. We cheered. Our family has a history of things going the other way... But no need to go there on this wonderful Saturday!

Theme parks certainly have progressed in the last few decades. We were discussing which things were the 'low points' of our day on the ride home. I'm sure when they made their debuts they were cutting edge. 3-D is so not 4-D! The ladybug bumper cars (although designed for children) went about two miles an hour - at their peak speed. I remembered my father telling the story of his parents and the fear the local farmers had that cows might lose their minds if they saw an automobile drive by. It was just against nature. What would they think of the loop-de-loop coasters and rocketeer rides to the sky and back in just a few short seconds!

Here's a fun photo from the 40's:
Mom, Dad, and Grandmother Clara at Knott's Berry Farm

I did not see anyone wearing a suit or dressy hat yesterday at the "Happiest Place on Earth." Somehow, I think this threesome enjoyed their day back then just as much as we did yesterday.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Off to see Caspian with my older two. I love theme parks, but some popcorn with my two favorite young adult men will do just fine.


Anonymous said...

oh, how fun and I LOVE that picture!

Amy said...

That is the neatest photo!