A Grin for the Week-end

Oh my goodness! I received an e-mail today from my best friend. Now if you're reading this and you think we are 'Best Friends,' but in fact you did not send me an e-mail today....don't worry. I think I must have seven best friends. And that statement is the most honest, truthful one in the world. I love you all dearly. I don't have natural siblings and I thank God every single day for my best friends (and of course, my DJ and JJ).

Back to this post...my friend J-Banana, who is ever so intelligent and I am so very proud of her, sent me some photos along with her message. J-Banana was a music major just like I was and then she went on and actually learned how to not only do Radiology, but in fact, teach it. When I think of her as Miss Grown-Up-Know-It-All standing up there in front of her classes and I picture her wearing her white coat pointing with her laser pointer, using very long words with lots of syllables, I have not ever pictured her at home snuggling with this:

Please allow me to introduce you to "Miss Bambi." This little angel is certainly one of the cutest puppies on the East Coast.

Sometimes e-mail can bring a wonderful gift, like photos from your Best Friend. Thanks, J-Banana. You made my week-end.


Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

What a nice doggy. It's so nice to hear from our friends, especially when they have moved so far away.

Grace, I have an award waiting for you on my blog!

Wishing you a great week-end. :-)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Dogs must be the theme this week! So many cute pictures. I gave up animals for children, so I'm really enjoying this visual delight of man's best friend!


Jana said...

wow...I am honored to make your blog. Now I have a famous puppy!!!
You are such a good friend and have made me LOL largely today....thanks for the gift!

sister sheri said...

I love your honesty about your friendships... I mean... let's get real!

Kentucky Bound said...

Even people who can spell, pronounce and give you the definition of words like sagittal, radiculopathy, Barium (no that's NOT what you do when your pet hamster dies)MUGA . . . . have to have a special someone (or something in the case of a teddy bear) that they can go home to and talk baby talk to and snuggle up with and pour our their deepest darkest secrets to. Ms. Bambi look like she's the perfect choice for someone who spends her life teaching the technological advances and dangers of radiation to a room full of clueless students day after day in hopes that she gets through to just a few of them so that those of us who end up as patients never have to hear that dreaded "oops" coming from behind the lead curtain the next time we're having a radiology procedure performed. So, kudos to Miss Bambi for providing endless puppy kisses and fuzzy little ears to listen and what looks like a wonderful personality to keep her mama entertained for years to come!