The Cousins

Master Max loves his cousin, Miss Lexus. Really, he does. But when she arrived with her crate, all her toys and all her food from Gramma & Grandpa's house, he was not at all sure...

Where are Gramma & Grandpa?
What is happening?
Mama? For how long?

Mama, how come when she smiles at you, Dad and JJ you stop everything and pat her tummy? This is my house, you know. Fine. If she wants to take over, I'll just hide under my favorite chair. You can just love your new favorite puppy all you want to. Love her all day. Love her all night. I'll just stay here. I'm fine.

You think I want my picture taken with my "adorable, cutie-pie, lovey-dovey cousin" today? Mama, she chases me away from Dad and you. You don't see it. You just give her treats and throw that green ball to her. You play with her whenever she brings you that squeaky-squacky duck or that hideous purple armadillo. Armadillos are not purple, Mom.

Fine. We had a talk. She agreed to stop begging for pats on her tummy (at least when I'm in the room) and I agreed to stop growling at her and pulling on her ears.

Finally. I claim "Master of the House."

And of course, just as the week-end was ending, they were fast friends --- once again.

Mama, when can Lexie come back to my house?


sister sheri said...

Cute puppie-time! Stop by my blog for a hug... in honor of you!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Christmas card maybe? Too cute, and really would make a great story! You couldn't have posed them better.


Anonymous said...

I will enjoy the doggie life through you (and I very much enjoy hearing about your doggie life) - as I will never own any myself. Right now I am kept plenty busy with my pets, 4children and 3 grandchildren.
I love the photos!

Kristen said...

Oh, how cute! Your dog Max looks just like my husband's dog (when he was much younger) Keats! I am going to have to show him these pics!

My whippet "Jet" loves his cousin "Paris" they are fast friends and drive us nuts when they play! :)

the160acrewoods said...

very cute! He's gorgeous! I love dogs.
Thanks for visiting my blog! :) I was away for bit, so sorry for the late response! :)

Beloved MaMa said...

oh my, poor max...