A Novel Tea

With leaving Spring behind us and Summer officially here, it's time for a book review! Of course the season actually has nothing to do with the book review, but it felt right starting off with those words as it is Memorial Day weekend. I've recently finished a delightful book and thought I'd share it with you: "A Novel Tea" by Jean Chapman.

Jean shares many wonderful things in this book. The title refers to an ongoing book club she hosts in her home. But there is far more to it than simply discussing books. She encourages the spirit of hospitality, graciousness, mentoring, friendship, and of course, how to have a proper "tea." From the darling photos of the tea service and teapots, to the recipes included, you will find a wonderful resource for beginning or encouraging your own ministry to women in "A Novel Tea."

Jean is also a gifted speaker. We actually had her join us a few years ago at our little church's retreat here in Sunny. Imagine that! Right here! She weaves her family's story into her message in a beautiful manner. The story she shares will bless you, whether you brew your tea in an antique teapot or push 'One Minute' on the microwave oven... If your women's ministries group is looking for someone for your Fall Retreat, Spring Fling or Mom to Mom's Brunch, I highly recommend Jean Chapman.

For more information on Jean and "A Novel Tea" please visit www.springbrookpress.com.


sister sheri said...

Thanks for the recommendations! Always looking for a good book... and even better... a speaker!

Beloved MaMa said...

I'll fly home (home will always be Sunny!) for tea with three :o) or four or five... I'd love to read her book :o)

Kentucky Bound said...

Sounds like the perfect book for relaxing in the evening! Any hints on where I can purchase a copy?


Grace said...
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Joanne said...

What perfect timing for a book review. Summertime will hopefully give me time to sit out with some lemonade on our deck, under an umbrella and read.

Oh goodness, is there anything much better than that?!?

And Grace, if I ever need a PR person, I will hire you. Your words encouraged me not only to get her book but to find out if she ever comes to California to speak.

Blessings, Joanne

Grace said...


I deleted my earlier comment as I am not sure how to edit one after it's posted...oh, dear!

Regardless, "A Novel Tea" is available through Jean's website --- by phone or e-mail as listed there, or via barnesandnoble.com, not through amazon.com. Sorry if you've been searching there!


Anonymous said...

What a pretty lady! She sounds like an amazing woman. Hope I get to hear her speak some day as well as read her book - thanks for the post and info.