Skinny Trees

It's been an exciting week here at our place. We have some huge, extremely tall Eucalyptus trees on our property. For our dear friends who read every word I share about our Max, you know that he occasionally is quite the scared little puppy. Although he's turning three next month - yes there will be a celebration here, I'm sure.... He scurries out of our family room if one leaf or branch from these trees hit our roof. It's quite sad, actually.

So imagine the poor little guy as the wood-chipper truck pulled in, the guys began unloading ladders, climbing up onto the same family room roof, and began running their huge saws. Master Max was on the full dose of Benadryl that our vet says is permissible, but still. Wednesday and Thursday were right up there with Alexander's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. I took a photo, but alas, the only camera available was my on cell phone and my technological skills prohibit me from transferring the picture to the computer. (Please do hurry home, JJ.) I captured a shot of Max underneath my legs as I ironed in the laundry room. He does not normally even venture into our laundry room due to the screaming bird. "Bird?" you ask? Oh, yes. But that most definitely is another post for another day. We have a bird that we expected to have as a house guest for a few months --- back in 1998. Yes, 1998.

But the good news here in Sunny is that our huge, leaf, seed and branch dropping, fire-hazard Eucalyptus trees are now the skinniest ones in town. And Max is now a far braver puppy. Well, maybe a little bit more brave, not entirely courageous...

Photo by Grace during an earlier time of worry....

"Please Mama, please make them stop all the noise...."

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Faith Hope Love Mama said...

I think you love your dog as much as I love my cat. I've never been one to baby an animal but my cat is my little buddy-like your Max.
Love the resting in the word photo. My favorite book is James. Hopefully this pup wasn't trying to get out of reading his words but was reflecting on the insight.
Ha! Hope you have a great weekend.