A Bouquet of Love

Oh our dear Joy of Joy of Desserts has been ever so kind to this little blogger once again. She has the gift of encouragement. And she likes chocolate - my kind of person, absolutely! Over the weekend, she blessed me with this sweet little award:

Thank you, thank you sweet Joy! (Get it, 'Sweet Joy' and she has a blog full of desserts....) My cooking skills are right up there with Ray's wife on Everybody Loves Raymond, so when I see people who can cook and create like our darling Joy, I am amazed. Truly amazed! Thanks again for sharing your creations with us, Joy!

And now, with a little drum roll please.... I have the pleasure of awarding this award to a few bloggers of my choice. Here we go:

Elaine at Peace for the Journey definitely blesses me every time I read her beautiful insights. She shares her love with such grace. And she likes my silliness.

Amy at Life and Times of Life at Home is another blogger that just plain makes me smile. She shares her life, her kids and their innocence combined with great depth as they watch the clouds in the sky and learn about God together. She gently reminds us what is Important.

Mama at Beloved Mama has created a wonderful place for prayer requests, reports of answered prayers and shares from her life with the great stories about Baby B putting all his treasures and some of hers in the trash. How can we help but smile with her life!

Liz at Kentucky Bound most certainly gets an award for best photos of the year at this time. If you've not seen her Eden post, it's a must!

Mama at Faith Hope Love also blesses me with her honesty on this journey. She captures innocence in her children's lives and shares beautifully.

Sister Sheri at The Leaking Window has just returned from the trip of a lifetime and the photos and insights she is sharing from visiting Israel, well, they just make me jealous, plain and simple. But I'm ever so happy for her, too! :)

So there we have it. My arms extend out to each of you five, and I hope you'll realize you're getting an ever so large hug from Grace Today, and you bless me every day. Just like my Best Friends...

Oh, yes, JJ is home. We went out to celebrate and I got just a touch of food poisoning, so this was not the best morning to discuss the 'celebration' if you know what I mean.... But the hugs were good and strong all around and we're thankful. Summertime. Love. Chocolate. Good things.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Those are some long arms, girl...stretching from coast to coast on my behalf.

I welcome your hug. I'm humbled by your kind words. God is blessing my life with new friends who wonderfully encourage my spirit on a regular basis.

So here's hugging you back. But not too close...don't want that food poisioning to rub off on me. (truly that stinks! The prodigal returns and the fattened calf nearly kills his mother! Send your son away for the night and have him return again tomorrow...makes for a happpier ending).


Faith Hope Love Mama said...

You are too kind!! I am always so much happier after reading your blog-it always gives me a little chuckle. I swear I can't go to church and watch the closed eyed worship team without thinking of you and chuckling a little on the side.HA! Thanks for your friendship through this little bloggy world!

Amy said...

Aww, shucks again!

And I agree w/ you -- chocolate should be in the same paragraph as God. :)

Kristen said...

Found your blog via Elaine's.

Hope you are feeling better - I look forward to visiting you often!
God Bless...

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

:-) You're very welcome, Grace, and I thank you for your kind words about me and my blog. :-)

Hope you start feeling better really soon!

Beloved MaMa said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I needed some bloggy love :o)