A Best Friend Story

I found myself blog browsing yesterday. JJ was lost in the world of Lego Star Wars, which is absolutely the most addictive X-Box game, but after a few hours, I'd seen enough Lego Leia & Luke as you can well imagine. I came across a contest on another blog asking for stories of best friends. As you may remember, I have several of those. Grin.

I met my friend Claudia, who shall now actually be known here as Claudia since the whole blogging world (ooh, almost sounds like a bad term, doesn't it!) will know her name from the other site... Well, I've digressed again. -Coffee Break- God will forever bless my DJ for the gift of the coffee maker that uses real whole beans so our house smells like Starbucks --- I LOVE IT! Now back to Claudia....Her father used to say, just generally, when he met people, "We're just two old friends that never met." That describes my friendship with Claudia completely.

I hope you'll be able to take a couple of minutes and go here to check out the story. A comment is a vote and I really hope to win the accompaniment track they're giving away as a prize. hmmm. Doesn't this make you curious?

If you decide to submit your own best friend story, please let me know. I'll vote for you too, because that's just what friends do. This is not the North Carolina Primary...


Amy said...


Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

That was a lovely friendship story, Grace, and I do hope you will win. :-)

Amy said...

Hey, someone just sent me the cutest fwd w/ tons of photos of animals who gave in to, well, gluttony.
Anyway, I thought of you & was wanting to pass it along to you but don't know your e.m. addy (you don't have it linked on your profile page).
Also, what church do you attend?, my sis's friend pastors in Fresno.
Talk to you soon...happy weekend! (almost:)

Angela said...

I'm glad I found your site through Beloved Mama. I really enjoyed your post and I loved browsing through your blog as well.