Extra Treats

It's time to pull out my favorite "Auntie Gracie" apron (a little reference to Joy). We're expecting company tonight. Yes, the pillows are being fluffed, the grass is mowed, the treat cupboard has been freshly stocked....joy of joys, our Miss Lexus is arriving about 5 o'clock tonight to stay through Sunday. DJ is going over the river and through the woods to pick her up in his big truck. Now that will be a sight --- Imagine pulling up alongside a Ford 250 or whatever it is, and seeing a bouncy smiling large poodle in the passenger seat!

This is the 'before' photo, when she was a puppy.

Miss Lexie sleeps in her large crate (she is a full-sized standard poodle) and Master Max may be a little concerned when it's bedtime. He, of course, sleeps at DJ's feet guarding and protecting should any bunny rabbits, owls, hummingbirds or goodness no, any coyotes dare enter our property. He is a very good protector. Until it's time for his treats!

I'll do my best to take some fun photos the next few days. Maybe I'll get enough to make a calendar for you to order this Christmas....


Kentucky Bound said...

Sounds like you're planning to have an enjoyable weekend. Max will probably be exhausted by Sunday night. As for the sight of full sized poodle in a big manly truck . . . DJ should consider himself very fortunate that he won't be transporting a white teacup poodle with a rhinestone collar and a lavender bow in it's hair. THAT would make for a beautiful picture should they have to stop along the way for a potty break!

Have fun!
Hugs and blessings!

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

I love full-sized standard poodles. Well, actually, I love just about all types of dogs, but they are one of my real favorites. I look forward to the pictures. :-)

Thank you for linking to my blog. That is so nice. I appreciate not only the link, but your friendship through our blogs. It's nice to "know" nice people like you.

Have a great day and have fun with the wonderful doggies.

The Preacher's Wife said...

thanks for visiting my blog, grace! your yard is gorgeous! :))


Anonymous said...

I must echo Lisa - the yard is beautiful. Love the photo!!
Have a fabulous weekend!