Among Friends

Now you can imagine, with the difficulty I have in simply creating froth for my morning coffee, how amazed I am by this photo. My cousin out in the wilderness sent it to me a few weeks ago along with a collection of other delightful coffee creations. This is something! It's from a restaurant in Vancouver, but I don't have the name of it. So if you live there, please find it and go say hi for us down here in Sunny. Thank you!

My good new friend, Elaine and I were chatting yesterday and discussing how fun it would be to get our bloggy buddies together sometime. This anonymity does have its drawbacks. But we do need to be careful online. Not amongst those we know we can trust, but Dateline has brought many things to our attention and some of them are oh so frightening. So just a word here, "Be careful."

How in the world did I go there from a cute cup of coffee?? Not sure. But it must be something someone needs to be reminded of today.

Now back to the completely frivolous:

Dear Joy at Joy of Desserts passed on this beautiful award to me. If you've not yet visited her blog, oh my! You have missed some wonderful posts. She is the cook I will be in heaven. Maybe. Will any of us cook? Maybe we all will and we'll all be as gifted as Joy is here. hmm.

So it's with pleasure I'm passing along this award to five blogs which I find truly delightful. Please visit them as I would not recommend them if they did not deserve a Grande Mocha Carmellito with whipped cream on top.

And just because I want to, I'm giving this award to one more friend, Elaine. Her posts should be published in a book. She shares amazingly deep and beautiful writing. And her name really is Elaine. Honest truth. Good stuff. Elaine at Peace for the Journey. No "Cafe Mama Sugar Sprinkle Joy" for a pseudonym...


Linda said...

Wow, what a nice surprise! I am humbled. Thank you very, very much.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

OK...so maybe you're not nuts! Far more than I deserve, but there again...

That's my God. That's his grace. He's my life and my portion, and to think what I might have missed if I never (on impulse) decided to create a blog.

Grace, you are kind and kindred spirit. I'm so excited for the journey that lies ahead for you in your ministry in Sunny, CA!

Yes, we all must gather soon. I will meet some new friends at She Speaks in June in Charlotte. But you West coasters really must see my coast. We're not sinking (as far as I know), and we boast some pretty spectacular mountains.

Enough. Thank you for the kind words, and if you could squeeze the mocha through air-mail, I'll enjoy every last sip!


Prodigal Jon said...

Thanks so much for the award. I'm learning to accept compliments instead of doing that whole, "no, no, no. it was all God, all God." Not that it isn't all God, but that I think it's OK for us to enjoy God's gifts, like awards and what not
I'm rambling

Amy said...

I don't know how lovely my post is today, wherein I talk about kicking someone in the throat, but...
I'll just use the scape goat, "I'm keeping it real, keepin' it real!"
Happy day,

Anonymous said...

hee hee hee...you are way to funny :o) Congratulations to your amazing winners :o) Especially Elaine: I completely agree and I so wish we too could go to the SHE SPEAKS conference, OH i know we would have a ball!!!

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Thanks for the compliment. You are someone that I am truly glad that I have met through this bloggy world. Just wanted to let you know my name is Amy not Faith but I would love it be. Maybe I'll change it. It sounds better with my last name. Hee Hee! :)

Kentucky Bound said...

First of all THANK YOU!
Secondly, I had to wait until today to comment because when I first saw this yesterday, you had caught me at a totally vulnerable moment in my day - a true "Murphy's day when everything that could go wrong had gone wrong - so when I saw this simple act of love from a friend so far away . . . .let's just say my emotions got the best of me and I was afraid I'd short out my keyboard if I tried to type and I couldn't see the screen . . . . .

Before I dust off the NPS, though, I have to be totally honest with you. You may want to take back the award. OK. Here goes! I don't like coffee! I love the smell of coffee but I there is not enough sugar and hazelnut creamer in the world to make it taste good enough to for me to drink. I'm a tea totaler! So, if this flaw gives you cause to rescind the award, I totally understand.

Love you!

Blessings and hugs!


Grace said...

Oh my good friend,

You are so sweet! And the award is yours for keeps. Feel free to print it out and make it into a magnet for your fridge.

My dear friend, Miss CCR, is of your same persuasion. I DO NOT understand it as coffee runs through my veins, but tea is good, too. And teapots are far more adorable than our steel coffe machine with the frustrating froth device.


sister sheri said...

Hey - Can I have Liz' cup of coffee? We sure need it here in the Northwest lately. And some of the hazelnut creamer and sugar, too, please! Congrats to all!!!