Stuff Christians Like: #120. Evangelism tools

Stuff Christians Like: #120. Evangelism tools

O.K., As you probably know....I'm new to this Mr. Linky, blog my page, let's have a blog party (just select all/copy my code and post it on your elements), tag-you're-it stuff between blogs. So here's my best effort to tell you, "I give this guy a head's up and encourage you to please take a minute to check out his really interesting blogspot." How's that? Hope the link above works -- I sincerely hope it takes you to the right spot.

My good friend over at the university who sent me the Youtube video of the Muppets on St. Patrick's Day also told me about this site. Once again, I'm really glad we're friends. And I think you'll enjoy this site a whole lot. If not, you probably don't get my humour either, so I don't need to worry about it too much.

Enjoy! Or go visit Joy at Joy of Desserts. You can never be offended by chocolate.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking for the link?

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

I'm never offended by chocolate!! Thanks for the link-I love me a good recipe. Have a great week.

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Thank you for linking to me, Grace.I took a look at the Stuff Christians Like site too. You have a great idea to feature some blogs and posts.