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If you read through the saga of Gramma's injuries from that most distressing bicycle accident, I mentioned attending their church on Sunday and the excellent, excellent message. So now, here is my gift to you for "Word-Filled Wednesday." This would be Word, as in God's Holy Word-Filled way...

This church is unique, (at least very different from my church in my hometown). They have different venues for their services. The sermons are fed by video into several different meeting areas and everyone sees it live. The truly unique thing is each venue has a different style of worship prior to the sermon. There's Country, Traditional, Loud, Louder and Loudest....you get the idea.... And the really cool thing is that there does not seem to be any 'competition' between the venues. Everyone is just happy to be there and lovin' everybody.

So if you have half an hour devoted to devotions today, maybe this would be a fun option. Check it out. Click here: SearchableSermons.com North Coast Church Video Sermons. The one to play is titled, "Same Old Problems, Same New Solution" from the "Scripture's Believe it or Not" series. Of course, you are free to play more of them if you want. Children, laundry, walking the dog and dinner can all wait. Grins.

Enjoy "Word-Filled Wednesday."

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Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing :o)
While on your blog, Lean on Me was playing...warm fuzzies all over :O)