Beautiful Sunshine

To friends and family in the Midwest...I'm sorry, really I am, but it is just so amazingly beautiful here today. Wish you were here. Wish we were having a tall glass of sweet tea out on the patio. I'd even take out some chicken in the new packages from Costco to thaw so we could barbecue later on....

I do find myself giggling a little bit when I go down the chicken aisle at Costco. I wonder if they ever heard about the Chicken Crisis with the lady who doesn't like the chicken breasts in the pressed plastic sheets. Probably not. I should get one of those Chick-Fil-A shirts that says "Eat Mor Chick'n" to wear when I go shopping there. Of course, that would be silly.

With the lovely spring days and summer on its way, I do have a prayer request to mention. We have an ongoing problem in our area every year about this time with coyotes and their pups. When we moved into this house, the lot next door was vacant and the animals ran through quite often. They still do this, although there are two new homes in their old subdivision. We lost our last little puppy angel to them in '03 (although she was up in years) and she had been attacked by them twice before. Here is the concern: Master Max feels it is his duty to protect our property and he also feels he's more than strong enough to take them all on.

If you have any advice for us, please pass it on through the comments section. We'd really appreciate some good ideas. Last summer we had a couple of close calls and it is most disconcerting. As you are certainly aware; we love our Max and want him to stay safe!


Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Dove or Ponds-haven't thought about that.Yes, wish I was drinking tea with you on the patio also. I am sinking into a depression we call April snow. I need the sunshine!! Glad someone gets to enjoy it. Have a great weekend.

Linda said...

Oh, in Indiana, it's *31* and bitter today, but we're trying not to be bitter! You are blessed. No advice for you, though. sorry. This is my first time here, and I'm enjoying reading your posts on this page.