Please Pray

We've had a bit of bad news here in Sunny today. Our dear Gramma (of 'Gramma & Grandpa') had a very bad accident on her bicycle and has a broken arm along with several other injuries. She is in quite a lot of pain and will have the cast put on in a few days.

Apparently, a man who was talking on his cell phone and oblivious to the world around him walked right into her path and the tumble occurred as she swerved to miss him. It was a very nasty fall and break. Lots of emergency people helped her. (Whew!)

Just tonight, DJ and I took Master Max for a walk at the lake and I mentioned how disturbing it is to see the Dapper Dans on their phones, working deals, while they are walking around the lake --- talking, talking, talking and intruding on nature. Gramma was riding at the beach and probably on a biking trail. Gramma definitely stays on the pavement, goes with the flow, and is not a mountain biker.

Dear God,

Please help our Gramma to feel all better really soon. Help her bones to get all smooshed back together in the right way. Please help Grandpa as he makes the coffee and tries to cheer Gramma up. Please help Miss Lexus and Miss Mercedes to be good doggies and not irritate Gramma needlessly. Help them to be awfully good snugglers when she needs snuggling.

In Jesus' Name,

Grace, DJ & Max

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Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Well, thank God it is not a broken hip. Prayers are going out for her quick and thorough recovery.