Marvelous Monday

Our bottle-brush tree is now blooming to its hearts content. It certainly seems that spring is here in complete fullness. We even have hummingbirds in our yard this year for the very first time! They're just darling. And.....yesterday we had two coyotes (one at a time) come through our yard. The second one was right outside our bedroom door. oooohhhh. Too scary! That is a sign of spring which I do not enjoy. So sadly, Master Max will be inside much more than he prefers for the next few weeks.

It seems change is in the wind for lots of people in our little world here in Sunny. New jobs, moving from over-there to off-yonder, internships, caring for parents, welcoming grandbabies..."Change is the ultimate certainty." That must be a famous quote. I, however, do not know precisely to whom it should be attributed. Maybe one of my English major friends will let me know. (They're very good about that sort of thing.) The quote could also be from many parts of Ecclesiastes. Boy, that might lead to another post entirely!

Regardless, if your world seems to be spinning today as fast as the hummingbird's wings...just relax. You're in good company.


Anonymous said...

I love the quote!
I love today's blog. I identify more than I wish.
Thanks for your encouragement and for the hilarious voice message you left on my phone!

Beloved MaMa™ said...

yes, i'm one of those spinning round and round...AJ: apple juice LOL...

and that art thing at the bottom...yes, that describes you precisely!!!!!!!!LOL

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Funny that you mention Ecclesiastes. I read it today and am still trying to hammer that one out. It's definately one of the more challenging books for me to read. Very straight forward, just different. Know what I mean?
My dad and his family are from Oklahoma so I have many connections to that terrible day. My girlfriend worked in OK City during that time and it was such a relief to hear her voice that day.
Hope you are enjoying your beautiful Sprin. Blessings!

Kentucky Bound said...

How wonderful to know that I have such wonderful company as I spin through this life!

Happy Spring!