Over the River, Through the Woods....

Sunday morning we loaded up the car somewhat similarly to the famous scene in the movie "Vacation"...no not really, I exaggerate horribly at times. But we did put a towel in the back seat and Master Max was thrilled to be able to ride along for the adventure of a trip to Gramma & Grandpa's house. We were met at the door by the bouncing Miss Lexus and the fierce Miss Mercedes once again showing us she is certainly in charge of this house. Max was not at all sure whether he should play with Lexus or run in terror from Mercedes. At the very least, we gave Gramma a well-needed laugh!

Gramma is certainly thankful for everyone who has said they are praying for her! She is normally a very busy woman and the next few weeks will be a challenge, I'm sure. I assured her that there is a reason God created pain pills, and although we don't want her to overdue it, it is important to stay on the schedule the doctor prescribed. I also took along a copy of The Shack for her to take her mind off of the injuries.

DJ, Grandpa, DJ's sister and I went to church and left Max there to comfort Gramma. We dearly love attending Gramma & Grandpa's church. It is quite contemporary, and they do everything they do with excellence. As soon as it's posted, I'll give you a link to yesterday's sermon. I checked earlier and they probably take Mondays off....

It looks like it will be a hot one here in Sunny. Master Max is recovering from the day with the cousins and I'm spending some time looking through a wonderful book a new friend has asked me to preview. You would all be jealous if you knew what a great story I'm reading before it's actually in print. How cool is that!

Once again I'm reminded...we do receive so many blessings each day. We have sunshine, or rain, protection and comfort, laughter...sometimes tears, family and friends traveling in our journey with us. All gifts from God. And how cool is that!


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

My church would probably bore you. We try to be cutting edge, but alas we remain tied to the tried and true, cutting our teeth on the songs of old and the tradition of religion. But we are good folk...this congregation is the salt of the earth kindof folk. They love God deeply and they love this pastor's family with a helpin of fresh produce from their gardens and lots of chocolate...the crisper drawer in my fridge is full of delightful treasures. So bon-bons? I'm up for that, and a good chat over a good book and a prayer or two to our good God...well, who could really ask for anything more?!

If not here, my new friend...then there. The best is yet to be!

be blessed and give granny some love from the coast of NC!


Beloved MaMa said...

What an amazing adventure: to preview a book that has yet to be released!!! so fun :o)